Tishka Gartny

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The film is dedicated to the professional revolutionary, statesman, Belarusian writer T. Gartny (D.F. Zhilunovich), who was repressed in 1937. Poet M. Luzhanin, screenwriter G. Kobets talk about T. Gartn (synchronously and behind the scenes). The writer S. Shushkevich talks about the torture that prisoners were subjected to during the years of repression (synchronously and behind the scenes). Photos by T. Gartny over the years. Photos by Ya.M. Sverdlov, Ya.Kolas, A.F. Myasnikov, V.I. Lenin. Moscow. Lenin's mausoleum. Changing of the guard of honor. The Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower. Minsk. Bas-reliefs dedicated to F.E.Dzerzhinsky and A.G. Chervyakov on buildings. Chronicle footage. A peasant plows the land with a plow, sows grain, a boy leads a horse harnessed to a harrow. A printing press prints the Pravda newspaper. The movement of a passenger train. Ya Kupala (different plans). 1918 Articles from the Belarusian newspaper "Dzyannitsa", published in Petrograd by T. Gartny. Moscow, March 14-16, 1918 1U All-Russian Congress of Workers' Soviets. soldiers and Cossack deputies: checking the documents of the delegates before entering the building. A rally of soldiers of the 1st Moscow Revolutionary Detachment against the signing of the Brest Peace Treaty. Smolensk, January 1, 1919 1st Congress of the Communist Party of the Bolsheviks of Belarus. Congress delegates applauded in the hall. Minsk, 1930s Types of the winter city. The movement of passers-by, the building of the library. Lenin. Moscow, 1939. Poet Y. Kupala and writer A.N. Tolstoy in the presidium of the Big Top of Belarusian literature and art in the hall of the Polytechnic Museum.
Y. Tsvetkov
Film ID
social and political movement
, world war i
, repression
, communist party
, printing
, literature
, publishing
, higher state bodies
, cities
, railway transport
, plant growing
Number of Parts
S. Petrovsky
Other Creators
script M. Luzhanin
Release Date
Has Sound

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