To a Distant Land

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A film about the life and work of the poet Yevgeny Dolmatovsky, edited from newsreels, fragments of feature films stored in the State Film Fund of Russia, the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents, the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and photographs from the archives of Yevgeny Khaldei, other war correspondents and a family album. The film stars: front-line photographer Yevgeny Khaldei, astronomers Lyudmila and Nikolai Chernykh. Part 1 City of Moscow. Front-line photographer Yevgeny Ananyevich Khaldei prints photographs in the darkroom, shows photographs of Soviet soldiers at the Brandenburg Gate, and looks through the negatives. Views of Gogolevsky and Tverskoy boulevards in autumn. Monument to N.V. Gogol (sculptor N. Tomsky, architect L. Golubovsky) on Gogolevsky Boulevard. The house where the family of the poet Yevgeny Aronovich Dolmatovsky lived in Moscow. Photos by E.A. Dolmatovsky for different years: while studying at the literary institute, during the Soviet-Finnish, the Great Patriotic War, etc. Newsreel footage of 1945 (b / w): traffic controller on a Berlin street; G.K. Zhukov in a group of military men leaves the building; a bust of Hitler in a pile of rubbish; Soviet officers at the Brandenburg Gate, correspondents on a bicycle tandem ride through the square; white flags on the balconies of the house. Newsreel footage of 1934-1940. (b / w): metro builders work in the tunnel; subway construction sites near the buildings of the Bolshoi Theater and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts; a meeting of metro builders; the tram passes through Dzerzhinsky Square; workers remove construction waste near the Kropotkinskaya metro building: cleaning up new metro stations; chandeliers above the escalator and at the Kievskaya metro station are lit; ground structure of the Dynamo metro station; passengers in a train carriage; Sokolniki metro station platform; trolleybus number 32 passes by the Bolshoi Theater; a building on Okhotny Ryad Street is collapsing; State Planning Committee building; a young man jumping from a parachute tower; a balloon on a Moscow street; people on the Crimean embankment; traffic movement; visitors to the street cafe "Red Poppy" at the tables. Stills from the feature film "Fighters" (Kiev Film Studio, 1939, b / w): title: "Composer N. Bogoslovsky, the text of songs by the order bearer E. Dolmatovsky, sound technicians P. Shtro N. Avramenko, artists N. Tryaskin, M. Somokha, aerial photography by A. Pishchikov "; one of the episodes with the participation of actors BF Andreev (cadet Ptenchik), M. Bernes (lieutenant Kozhukharov); the hero of M. Bernes sings the song "To a distant land ..." (sinhr.). Newsreel footage of the 1980s (b / w): E. Dolmatovsky recalls the Soviet-Finnish war (sync.) Newsreel footage of the Soviet-Finnish war (1939-1940): soldiers pull a cannon through the snow, go on the attack in a snowy forest, shoot from a cannon in position; Red Army men in camouflage coats cut the barbed wire on the battlefield. Part 2 E. Dolmatovsky gives an interview on the street, in which he recalls the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (sinhr., With video). E. Dolmatovsky with writers K. Simonov, I. Ehrenburg, in a group of war correspondents and others (photo). K. Simonov reads poems written during the war (behind the scenes). Newsreel footage of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1942. (b / w): a column of Red Army soldiers, carts on the road; Wehrmacht soldiers and officers at the burning building; a column of Wehrmacht troops, carts on the road; the face of a smiling Nazi; columns of Soviet prisoners; camp of captured Soviet soldiers. Moscow city. View of Gogolevsky Boulevard in autumn. Monument to N.V. Gogol (sculptor N. Andreev) in the yard of the writer's house-museum on Nikitsky Boulevard. Cover of the book by E. Dolmatovsky “Green Brama. A documentary legend about one of the first battles of the Great Patriotic War ”. A group of war veterans with a poster on which the inscription: "Field named after Yevgeny Dolmatovsky" (photo). Poems by E. Dolmatovsky, published in the newspaper under the general heading "In the besieged city." Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1942 (b / w): anti-tank hedgehogs on the streets of Moscow; Muscovites read newspapers at newspaper stands in winter; a monument to A.S. Pushkin; a girl on skis in the yard of the house; Gorky street, towers of the Moscow Kremlin; a detachment of cavalrymen on the streets of Moscow; spectators at the entrance to the Udarnik cinema; poster for the documentary film "The Parade of Our Troops on Red Square on November 7, 1941"; the building of the cinema "Khudozhestvenny"; the poster of the film "Boxers"; viewers leave the cinema; a woman passes by anti-tank hedgehogs, enters a bakery; patrol; camouflaged buildings on the streets, etc. Newsreels from 1941-1944. (b / w): Colonel A.I. Rodimtsev comes out of the dugout, smokes; Soviet soldiers are running to the attack, crossing the river, running across the battlefield through the trenches; explosions; soldiers run over the bricks of the destroyed wall; the building is on fire; fighters at the airfield; artillery pieces on a railway platform; a column of tanks on a snow-covered field; the building of the Pravda newspaper editorial office; war correspondents enter the editorial office; a typist is typing on a typewriter; editorial board meeting; the printing press is working; K. Simonov dictates his notes to the typist; writer A. Fadeev among the fighters; writer I. Ehrenburg talks with soldiers; the postman churns out letters; field hospital tents; soldiers eat bread, smoke on the battlefield; a soldier writes a letter in a dugout; wounded in the hospital ward clink glasses with glasses under the portrait of I. Stalin; awarding medals to tank crews; a soldier sews a button to his overcoat; fighters cook food in bowlers over a fire in winter; sailor seals the letter. Part 3 Photos of E. Dolmatovsky and his family members from the family album. Newsreel footage of 1942-1945. (b / w): the soldiers walk through the swamp, build a wooden bridge, carry the wounded on their noses; homemade poster with the inscription: “Here in the dam on the river. Oder the film "Hearts of Four" is shown; soldiers in raincoats are reading a poster; a truck is passing by, on the board of which there is an inscription: "Wait for me and come back"; a column of Soviet tanks on the road; the soldiers are digging up the hill; the gunners are pulling a machine gun; a tank drives over a wooden bridge in a smoke screen. A fragment from the feature film "Hearts of Four" (Mosfilm, 1941, directed by K. Yudin, b / w) with the participation of actress V. Serova (Galina Murashova); V. Serova's heroine sings the song "Everything has become around ...". E. Khaldey shows the Leica camera, which was used to shoot all the episodes of the war. Enlarger, catalog in the workshop of E. Chaldey. Labels on catalog boxes with the inscriptions: "Balkans", "Writers", "Berlin", "Vienna-Austria", "Aviation", etc. Newsreel footage of the 1980s: a memorial sign dedicated to the memory of K. Simonov, on the Buinichi field near Mogilev. Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. Astronomers Nikolai and Lyudmila Chernykh at the telescope. N. Chernykh talks about minor planets, the names of which are associated with the war (sinhr.). Streets of Moscow in the evening. Underground passage at Pushkin Square. People go up and down the stairs of the passage. The brass band in the transition plays the melody of the song "Accidental Waltz" (sync.). People listen, pass by. The film features songs to the verses of Evgeny Dolmatovsky "And the years are flying" (M. Fradkin), "Everything has become around ..." (Yu. Milyutin), "The road to Berlin" (M. Fradkin) "Komsomol volunteers" (M. Fradkin ), "Favorite City (N. Bogoslovsky), My Favorite (M. Blanter)," Song of the Dnieper "(M. Fradkin)," Accidental Waltz "(M. Fradkin)," Longing for the Motherland "(D. Shostakovich) ...
G. Dolmatovskaya
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I. Mordvillovich
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editing by Nelly Zhdanova, sound engineer Valentina Georgievskaya, combined shooting Viktor Ksenofontov, director of the picture Igor Hans
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