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A film about the past and present of the city of Chapaevsk (formerly the village of Ivaschenkovo, Trotsk). Part 1 Landscapes. The city of Chapaevsk. A village on the bank of a river. A rally against the construction of a chemical weapons destruction plant, collecting signatures of protest. A woman is speaking at the rally (synchronously). Says the head of the city Nikolai Petrovich Malakhov (synchronously) The building of the temple. Railway station, electric train. In the kitchen talking (synchronously) engineer Sergei Balykin and poet Yevgeny Chepurnykh (now working as watchmen). Portrait of General of the Artillery Vladimir Porfirievich Ivashchenko - the builder of the explosives plant. Photos (1914-1917) - shells, workers at the machines, L.D. Trotsky. Drive along the fence of the plant. Writer Alexei Solonitsyn, the author of the script for the film, is speaking. Trotsky's book. The building of the House of the Commune. Part 2 Wheels of the train. Station buildings, House of culture. Monument to V.I. Chapaev. City (top view). A rally against the construction of a chemical weapons destruction plant, a woman speaks. Workshop of the plant. Security guard. The card file of those killed at the plant. Shells. People work in spacesuits (the same - photographs). Destroyed factory. Temple, mosaic on the temple. Drive down the street. Documents for the construction of the temple. S. Balykin and E. Chepurnykh are speaking. Part 3 Travel around the city. Area. Monument to V.I. Chapaev. S. Balykin and E. Chepurnykh are speaking. Rowan bunches. A woman with a child passes by. Children are playing football. Square. Temple. Malakhov is speaking. The Chapaevka River. Scenery. Lake Ilmen. Horses. School building.
V.G. Shubin
Film ID
world war i
, civil war
, railway transport
, sports
, christianity
, everyday life
, conversion
, population
, vegetable world
, ammunition
, defense industry
Number of Parts
A. Nazarov
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