To the Events in Spain No 16

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Port of Karhateni. Men lift baskets of earth to the fortress with the help of ropes, stack bags of earth on the roof. Citizens are building a barricade on the street. One of the streets with houses destroyed by bombing. Local residents stand near a cave in which they take shelter from bombing. Ships in the port of Karhatena. An armed sailor on duty on the fortress wall. Sailors on the deck of the cruiser "Freedom" are trained to signal flags and how to handle an artillery gun. Feast of the Toys in the square in Valencia. In the festive procession, a column of children is passing by, horse-drawn platforms with models of toys are moving, riders in carnival costumes are passing by. Welding and assembling an armored personnel carrier in the workshop of a military plant. Ready-made armored personnel carriers in the yard of the plant. Flying Republican planes in the sky in the area of the Aragonese front. A group of Republican officers are watching the planes. Commander Sisnetos looking through binoculars. Mountain landscape. Alfambra village among the hills. Men work at the thresher. Teenagers collect straw in a bag. Soldiers of the international brigade named after Chapaeva wash at the street water supply in the village. Fighters of the international brigade are having lunch, washing dishes in a flowing ditch. One of the soldiers is sewing up an overcoat. Armed fighters of the international brigade them. Chapaeva march along the street of the village. A truck with fighters of the people's militia is passing along the road.
ABOUT. Подгорецкая
Film ID
, industry
, international connections
, civil war in spain
, education
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R. Carmen, B. Makaseev
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There is no data
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