To the Events in Spain No 17

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Part I. Soldiers of the people's militia with rifles and machine guns in a trench on a mountainside. Horse detachment of the people's militia rides along the road. Soldiers carry the wounded on a stretcher. Loading the wounded into a van. Wounded soldiers of the people's militia undergoing treatment at the hospital. Passionaries. Girls with bouquets of flowers talk to the wounded, nurses give them oranges, read books. Seamstresses of a sewing workshop at work. Assembly and welding of armored vehicles in the shops of a military plant. A meeting of factory workers on the occasion of the dispatch of armored vehicles to the front. Soldiers of the people's militia are passing by in an armored car. Part II. View of the city of Briuera. Soldiers of the Republican army on the streets of Briuera. Soldiers stand in line for food. The soldiers talk with the captured soldiers of the Franco army. E. Lister examines the fascist banner. Soldiers of the Republican army lay down captured weapons and ammunition, inspect the captured artillery gun, tank. Republican units are taking up new positions in the mountains. Seeing the soldiers of the people's militia to the front at the railway station. Armed fighters of the international brigade them. Chapaeva are marching along a country road. A truck with soldiers of the people's militia, motorcyclists are driving along the road.
S. Karabaeva, M. Slavinskaya, M. Slutsky
Film ID
civil war in spain
, industry
, cities
Number of Parts
R. Carmen, B. Makaseev
Other Creators
composer D. Block, A. Reitman, sound engineer I. Renkov, D. Ovsyanikov
Release Date

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