To the Events in Spain No 18

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Part I. Gran Via, city center, Cybele square in Madrid. Poster for the film "We are from Kronstadt". Trams, cars, pedestrians are passing by. Street stand with Republican posters. Detachments of young people in the streets. Soldiers of the people's militia in the trenches write letters, read the newspaper. Workers of the sewing workshop at work. Workers at a military plant sort the cartridges into boxes. Ammunition boxes stacked. A cloud of smoke from an air bomb explosion on a street in Madrid. Burning buildings. Firefighters climb the stairs to the roof of a burning house. Madrid citizens run through the streets, descend into the underpass, stand at the entrance to the bomb shelter. A Red Cross ambulance van on the street. People carry the killed woman into the car. A string of trams on one of the streets of the city. The fountain of Cybele destroyed by the bombardment. Soldiers of the people's militia shoot from artillery pieces. Part II. View of the city of Brioueru. Armed fighters of the people's militia are walking through the forest. The corpses of the killed Italian soldiers. Remains of a downed German plane. Soldiers of the people's militia on the streets of Briueru. Soldiers stand in line for food. Soldiers of the people's militia dismantle captured weapons, inspect an artillery gun, a tank. Among the fighters is the adjutant D.G. Pavlova - Kravchenko, R.L. Carmen with a movie camera. The prisoners climb the mountain, accompanied by a convoy of soldiers of the people's militia. The Republican officers talk with the prisoners. E. Lister examines the captured fascist banner. Captured Italian soldiers. E. Lister and the Republican officer on the balcony of the house. Republican officer Morelli among the Italian prisoners. People's militia fighters are taking up new positions. Seeing off new detachments of the Republican army at the railway station.
V. Erofeev, M. Slutsky
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, transport
, industry
, agitation
, civil war in spain
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R. Carmen, B. Makaseev
Other Creators
Музоформление А. Ројтман, Д. Block, sound operator I. Renkov
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