To the Offensive of the Troops of the II Baltic Front

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On July 12, 1944, the troops of the Second Baltic Front broke through the enemy's defenses and went on the offensive. 2nd Baltic Front. July, 1944. The commander of the 10th Guards Army, Lieutenant General Mikhail Ilyich Kazakov, and the colonel in the forest discuss an action plan based on the operational map. Soldiers of the 2nd Baltic Front in the forest go on the attack. Medical instructors provide medical assistance to the soldiers. A column of fighters passes through the forest past burning trees. At the edge of the forest, an officer looks through binoculars. Three fighters are heading to the village. Fog over the meadow. Two officers at the observation post. One of them speaks on the phone near a signalman. German artillery pieces abandoned by the Germans during their retreat. A sign with an inscription in German and Russian: "It is forbidden to leave the camp without military protection, for resistance it will be shot." Territories [camps in with. Borovukha], fenced with barbed wire. The soldiers talk with a villager, the Georgievsky cavalier in the courtyard of his house. The man leads the fighters through the forest. A column of German prisoners, escorted by Soviet soldiers, passes along the road in the forest. Through the liberated villages we pass artillery, trucks, camouflaged with birch branches, on which infantry is transported. The population warmly welcomes their liberators. Women and children are handing bouquets of flowers to the soldiers.
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the great patriotic war
, combat
, the funeral
, prisoners
223,1 м (общ. 281,7 м)
Monglovsky Yu.V., Mass V.S., Gaft A.M., Segal M.M., Shironin K.I.
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