Together Forever

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Kyrgyzstan. Mountain landscapes, pastures. Writer Chingiz Aitmatov. Fields of wheat, corn, cotton. Technique, collective farmers are working in the fields. Miners, steelworkers at work. Types of construction of the plant, the dam of the Toktogul hydroelectric power station. Students are standing near the university. The teacher leads the lesson in the first grade. Children at the desk. The city of Frunze. Monument to V.I.Lenin. Types of festively decorated buildings, streets in honor of the centenary of the voluntary entry of Kyrgyzstan into Russia. Air terminal. DS Polyansky and others are getting out of the plane. Guests are presented with flowers. The building of the theater, where the jubilee session of the Supreme Soviet of Kyrgyzstan is being held. Types of the presidium, conference room. Speakers: First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan TU Usubaliev (synchronously), DS Polyansky. Delegates from the Russian Federation, Ukraine and others congratulate T.U.Usubaliev on awarding the Republic with the Order of Lenin. Hippodrome. Riders are passing by. Spectators in the stands. Girls jump. Leap of men. Winners. Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater. An ensemble of komuzists and an orchestra of folk instruments are playing. Ballet dancers are performing. Celebratory fireworks on the stage.
V. Sofronov
Film ID
, communist parties
, school education
, metallurgy
, collective farms
, higher state bodies and institutions
, building
, aviation industry
, higher education
, state holidays
, tractor and agricultural machine building
, state structure
, plant growing
, music
Number of Parts
G. Zemtsov, N. Soloviev, B. Burt
Other Creators
Text by A. Sabinin, sound by Z. Uzdin
Release Date
Has Sound

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