Together with Korean Friends

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Moscow city. Solemn meeting of representatives of the public in the capital, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Korea by the Soviet Army from the Japanese invaders on August 14, 1945. Speakers: V. N. Novikov, Ambassador of the DPRK to the USSR Lee Song Wong. Photo exhibition reflecting the DPRK's achievements in reviving the economy and culture over 15 years. Opening of the film festival of Korean filmmakers. On the facade of the cinema there are posters and the Korean national flag. Meeting of moviegoers with Korean guests. Exhibition of paintings by Soviet artist I. Klychev "At Korean Friends", dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Korea. Visit of the Ambassador of the DPRK in the USSR Lee Sung Un and Chairman of the Board of the Soviet-Korean Friendship Society Tarasov near Moscow collective farm "Borets", inspection of the farm; meeting guests with collective farmers in the collective farm club. The city of Kiev. Korean tourists in the workshops of a construction plant observe the process of manufacturing parts for housing. Laying flowers at the Victory Monument. Kharkiv city. A visit by Korean tourists to the factory of nylon products. Moscow city. Reception in honor of Korean tourists at the House of Friendship with the Peoples of Foreign Countries.
K. Kulagina
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korea north
, cinematography
, cultural connections
, collective farms
, chemical industry
, construction industry
, political connections
, diplomatic relations
, international solidarity
, painting
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