Tokyo Meetings

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The film is dedicated to the XVIII Olympic Games in Tokyo. Greece. Olympic flame lighting ceremony. The movement of the runners with the torch of the Olympic flame. Japan, Tokyo. Types of streets, buildings, sports facilities. Houses of Parliament. Emperor's palace. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Residents of the city are of different sex, age. Nuns. Olimpic village. Opening and closing of the Olympics. Athletes in training, during performances, awards. Race of men for 100 meters. R. Hayes (USA) is running. Women's 200 meter race. Irina Press (USSR) is running. Race for 300 meters with obstacles. Discus, nucleus throw. Awarding Tamara Press. High jump. Jumping: G. Gemini, I. Balash, V. Brumel, J. Rambeau, R. Shavlakadze, J. Thomas, I. Ter-Hovhannisyan, R. Boston. Rowing competition at Lake Sagami. Marathon run. The Emperor of Japan watches the contest. Running: A. Bikila and others. Hammer throwing. Throwing: D. Zhivotsky, G. Connolly, R. Klim. Competition in pentathlon in Kemigava with the participation of I. Novikov. Awarding the USSR team. Freestyle wrestling in the Kamazawa hall. Fighting: Watanabe (Japan) and N. Khokhashvili; Akhmedov and Ivanitsky. Volleyball. The match between the USSR and Brazil. Gymnastics. Vera Chaslavska, K. Makrai, P. Astakhova, L. Latynina, H. Yamashita, M. Cerar, V. Lisitsky, B. Shakhlin are speaking. Boxing. Rewarding B. Lagutin, Stepashkin. Boxers in the ring. Swimming competition in the national pool. At a distance: D. Fraser, D. Schollander, O, Brian, Prokopenko, G. Pozumenshchikova. Barbell. Speakers: Shemansky (USA), L. Zhabotinsky, Y. Vlasov. Spectators in the stands. Judges, coaches at work. Night city of Tokyo.
B. Weiland
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, sports
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There is no data
Other Creators
Sound I. Gunger
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Has Sound

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