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The film is a concert about the masters of the circus of Ukraine. The film stars circus artists Frantsuzovs, Fomenko, Otsupok, Khokhlovs, Karabush, A. Alexandrova, J. Pigel, A. Lupandin, Z. Primachenko, L. Shevchenko, V. Shevchenko, Sveta Yashchenko, Sasha Otsupok. Part 1 A little boy (Sasha Otsupok) and a girl (Sveta Yashchenko) run backstage at the Kiev circus. Arena. Empty stands. A girl and a boy at a rehearsal of an acrobatic act in the arena. Clown Yaroslav Filippovich Pigel performs with a trained dog. Equilibrists of the Frantsuzov brothers' group (Viktor Ignatievich and Nikolai Ignatievich) perform on perches, additionally the equilibrist rests on metal cylinders - coils drawn up upwards. Performance of aerial gymnasts Vladimir Sergeevich and Viktor Sergeevich Fomenko, his wife Tamara - performance "Air balancing act". Acrobats, equilibrists rehearse their performance in the circus arena. Part 2 Animal trainers Vladimir Dmitrievich Shevchenko and Lyudmila Alekseevna Shevchenko perform among the predators. Fragments of rehearsals of the number. Dance rehearsal with a lioness. Raccoons in the arena. Trainers dance surrounded by predators sitting on pedestals. The hare beats the drum with its paws. Part 3 Shevchenko's trainers talk in the arena. L. Shevchenko is preparing a number with tigers and a lioness. The tiger jumps over the sticks held over their heads by Vladimir and Lyudmila - a fragment of the performance. The trainer lies on the pedestals, the lioness steps over him. Number of trapeze artists. Grizzlies. Equilibrists ride around the arena inside large wheels, keep their balance. The equilibrist is spinning in a wheel. Number on the trapeze under the dome - trapeze and gymnast perform exercises, descend into the arena. Children in the hall are applauding, smiling. Clown J. Pigel plays the saxophone, the dog "sings". A lapdog in a skirt is dancing to the violin in the arena. A hare is playing a drum, a trainer is standing nearby. Clowns on the arena - "boxing match". Clowns are dragging the "judge" backstage, uniformists are standing at the entrance. A boy and a girl are running backstage.
Y. Tupitsky
Film ID
the circus
Number of Parts
A. Len, V. Ponomarev, S. Stasenko, N. Shabaev,
Other Creators
script A. Satskov, Y. Tupitsky, chief consultant B. Zayets, composer I. Poklad, sound engineer V. Sulimov, editor E. Shandybina, director N. Vesna
Release Date
Has Sound

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