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The film is dedicated to the memory of the Soviet scientist, design engineer, founder of practical cosmonautics Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. 1 part. Senior Assistant to the Chief Military Prosecutor of the USSR V.G. Pravotorov talks about the arrest of S.P. Korolev, about the trial over him. Academician B.V. Rauschenbach recounts the repressions of the 1930s. The first wife of S.P. Korolev - K.M. Vincentini talks about her husband's arrest in 1938. The house in Moscow where the Queen lived in the 1930s. B / W newsreels: Moscow, 1930s, city streets, transport; 1964, the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR presents the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU N.S. Khrushchev the Order of Lenin and the third gold medal "Hammer and Sickle", among those present are MV Keldysh, AI Mikoyan, EA Furtseva and others. Presentation of Gold medals of Hero of Socialist Labor Leonid Brezhnev, Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU F.R. Kozlov; April 12, 1961, S.P. Korolev escorts the cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin to the spacecraft; Yu.A. Gagarin in a spaceship; launch of the Vostok spacecraft. Part 2 K.M. Vincentini talks about the repression of the 1930s. Designer A.V. Pallo talks about his work with S.P. Korolev. The building that housed the Jet Research Institute. Moscow, st. Kuznetsky Most, entrance to the Reception Office of the USSR State Security Committee. The building of the Butyrka prison. V.G. Pravotorov. B / W newsreel footage: 1930s, an air parade in Tushino, military parades on Red Square, IV Stalin, VM Molotov, KE Voroshilov and others, Moscow streets on the tribune of the Mausoleum; late 1930-early 1940s, Germany, A. Hitler greets the marching soldiers; 1941-43, Katyusha rocket guns are firing, explosions. Part 3 Moscow, KGB building on Kuznetsky Most. Prison cell. Designer of rocket engines D.D. Sevruk talks about the special design bureau of the NKVD. View of the territory of the former camp (Magadan region). Stills from the documentary "Today in Kolyma" about the life and work of the Gulag prisoners in 1930. 4 part Moscow, Butyrskaya prison. V.G. Pravotorov. Kaliningrad (present-day Korolev), streets, a monument to SP Korolev, laying flowers at the monument. The building of the A.N. Tupolev Design Bureau. B / W newsreels: August 23, 1939, Moscow, the Kremlin, USSR People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs VM Molotov and German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop sign a non-aggression pact between Germany and the USSR; 1930s, air parade in Tushino, aircraft designer A.N. Tupolev monitors the construction of the aircraft. 5th part Moscow, Yauza embankment, Lefortovsky bridge. Designer L.L. Kerber is walking along the embankment. The building of the A.N. Tupolev Design Bureau. Kazan, station building, streets. D.D. Sevruk sits by the fire on the bank of the river, says. Family photos of S.P. Korolev. B / W newsreels: Moscow, 1941-42, German planes are flying, townspeople descend into the metro, searchlights are in the sky, Muscovites are sleeping at the Mayakovskaya metro station; 1964, S.P. Korolev, A.N. Tupolev congratulate the designer S.M. Jaeger happy anniversary. 6 part G. Kazan, the building that housed the special design bureau of the NKVD, the tram goes along the street, the house where the designers lived; house in which SP.Korolev lived. Designer B.E. Chertok talks about S.P. Korolev. The second wife of S.P. Korolev N.M. Korolev reads her husband's letters. B / W newsreels: Moscow, 1946, an air parade in Tushino, I.V. Stalin, K.E. Voroshilov, I.S. Konev, L.M. Kaganovich, N.A. Bulganin are on the podium, N.M.Shvernik, L.P. Beria and others, on the airfield - designers A.N. Tupolev, S.A. Lavochkin, A.S. Yakovlev, airplanes in the air; Council of Chief Designers - VP Glushko, VI Kuznetsov, NA Pilyugin, SP Korolev, MS Ryazansky, VP Barmin, BE Chertok are sitting at the table; 1957, S.P. Korolev at the Baikonur cosmodrome. Part 7 Leading Specialist "Energy" R.F. Appazov talks about S.P. Korolev. House of S.P. Queen at the Baikonur cosmodrome. B / W newsreels: 1950s, submarine at sea, rocket launch; S.P. Korolev in the garden; April 20, 1956, Moscow, Kremlin, K.E. Voroshilov presents SP Korolev with the gold star of the Hero of Socialist Labor; SP Korolev speaks to scientists; October 4, 1957, the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite; S.P. Korolev at the flight control point; May 15, 1957, preparation for the launch of the R-7 ballistic missile, the missile explodes in the air. Part 8 Moscow, a memorial plaque over the urn with the ashes of S. P. Korolev, buried in the Kremlin wall. V.G. Pravotorov. Baikonur cosmodrome, rocket launch. B / W newsreels: 1963-1965, S.P. Korolev with cosmonauts V.V. Tereshkova, K.P. Feoktistov, V.M. Komarov, A.G. Nikolaev; the lunar rover in the hangar; February 21, 1969, Baikonur cosmodrome, the first launch of the N-1 rocket
A. Berlin
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nuclear physics
, places of detention
, the second world war
, armed forces
, urban transport
, repression
, prosecutors office
, sculpture
, nkvd
, tips
, cities
, defense industry
, air transport
, awards
, cosmonautics
Number of Parts
V. Dobronitsky
Other Creators
Sound by Yu. Zorin, text by G. Gurkov
Release Date
Has Sound

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