Total Most Expensive Movie 5 - Feat of Revival

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The film tells about the heroic everyday life of the post-war five-year plans, about the creation of nuclear weapons. The film documents of the TsGAKFD of the USSR were used as follows: the speech of the Chairman of the State Planning Committee of the USSR NA Voznesensky with a report on the main directions of the new five-year plan in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on March 18, 1946; people on the ferry; refugees; workers are laying the cable; a train loaded with logs on the way; destroyed mines of Donbass; the bodies of the killed miners and young guards are taken out of the mines; engineers in the design office are working on a mine restoration project; workers pump out water from the mine; miners are placing a star over the entrance to the mine; the first minecar with coal; female miners at work; miner L. Golokolosov at work; miners greet L. Golokolosov; the building of the Kharkov Tractor Plant; a tractor assembly area at the Rostselmash plant; a tent camp for the builders of the Minsk Automobile Plant; destroyed buildings of the city of Zaporozhye and production buildings of the Zaporizhstal plant. Members of the United Nations Relief and Reconstruction Commission visiting the ruins of the Zaporizhstal plant; restoration work at the Zaporizhstal plant; installation of a sheet rolling mill; workers cook food in a saucepan over a fire; queuing up for water from a well; the office of workers of the Stalingrad section "Zaporozhstroy"; blast furnace installation; engineer M. Chudan talks about the progress of work on the restoration of the Zaporizhstal plant (synchronously); members of the state commission for acceptance of the first stage of the Zaporizhstal plant: Minister of Construction of Heavy Industry Enterprises Yudin, Academician I. P. Bardin, Minister of Ferrous Metallurgy I. V. Tevosyan in the shop; Stakhanovite I. Rumyantsev speaks at a rally dedicated to the launch of the first blast furnace at the Zaporizhstal plant (synchronously); rolling steel sheet in a rolling mill; the Stakhanovite of the Zaporizhstal plant MI Neduzhko speaks at the rally of the Stakhanovites of Zaporozhye (synchronously); destroyed shipyards of Nikolaev; the destroyed city of Minsk; production workshops of the Minsk Automobile Plant; streets of Washington; explosion of an atomic bomb; photographs of the physicist, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences IV Kurchatov for different years; memoirs of the Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences A.P. Aleksandrov about IV Kurchatov (synchronously); testing one of the models of a nuclear reactor; testing of the first Soviet atomic bomb; explosion of an atomic bomb; nuclear reactor; Leonid Brezhnev speaks at a meeting of workers of the Zaporizhstal plant; installation of a hydroelectric turbine; assembly line of the Pobeda car; tractors are driving an oil rig; drilling works; oil gusher; launching the icebreaker named after Lenin into the water; nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin" moves in ice. The film includes filming of the building and the production workshop of the Zaporizhstal plant, the launching of the Akademik Pavlov ship at the shipyard in Nikolaev. Interview of the worker of the Zaporizhstal plant E.S.Sheremet, the former head of the evacuation of the industry of the Zaporizhzhya region A.P. Kirilenko, the former manager of Zaporizhstroy V.E.Dymshits, the construction veteran I.M.Syrovatko on the restoration of the Zaporizhstal plant (synchronously ). Interview with AP Kirilenko on the restoration of the shipyard in Nikolaev (synchronously).
S. Pumpyanskaya
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the great patriotic war
, fuel industry
, energy
, metallurgy
, agricultural engineering
, sea transport
, water transport
, automotive industry
, higher state bodies
, international organizations
, railway transport
, nuclear physics
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V. Dobronitsky, Yu. Orlov
Other Creators
Leading People's Artist of the USSR E. Matveev
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