Total Most Expensive Movie 8 - One Must Dream

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The film tells about the results of the first post-war five-year plan, about the historical achievements of the Soviet people. The film uses film documents of the USSR Central State Film Agency, the USSR State Film Fund, foreign newsreels with the following content: cities destroyed during the Great Patriotic War: Stalingrad, Donetsk, Minsk, Novgorod, Kharkov, Kiev, Leningrad, Zaporozhye; restoration of Dneproges; construction of residential buildings in villages and towns; restoration of industrial enterprises; production buildings "Azovstal", Stalingrad Tractor Plant; Zaporizhstal; steelworkers at work; construction of a plant in Rustavi; miners of Ukraine at work; coal trains; oil rigs at sea; laying railroad tracks in the desert; construction of the Farhad and Irtysh hydroelectric power stations; a rally dedicated to the opening of a rural hydroelectric power station; new excavators, tractors leave the factory gates; combines are harvesting wheat; shoppers choose shoes and clothes in a department store; book market; writers M. A. Sholokhov, S. Ya. Marshak, A. T. Tvardovsky, K. M. Simonov; sculptor E. V. Vuchetich at work in the studio; a monument to E.V. Vuchetich to the soldier-liberator in Treptower Park in Berlin; IV Kurchatov, founder and first director of the Institute of Atomic Energy, in a group of scientists, on vacation; I. V. Kurchatov's colleagues - academicians I. K. Kikoin and A. P. Aleksandrov; AP Aleksandrov talks about working with IV Kurchatov (synchronously); the first nuclear power plant in Obninsk; atomic icebreakers "Lenin", "Arktika" in ice; launches of spaceships; L. I. Brezhnev presents the award to Yu. A. Gagarin; people greet Yu. A. Gagarin; S. P. Korolev in the group of designers; installation of a rocket; rocket at the range; command post; Academician M. V. Keldysh talks about S. P. Korolev (synchronously); Yu. A. Gagarin climbs into the rocket; cosmonauts L. I. Popov and V. V. Ryumin after landing; meeting of front-line soldiers; the ruins of the English city of Coventry; the ruins of the French village of Oradura; L. Corvalan's meeting in Moscow; Leonid Brezhnev speaks at the Palace of Congresses (synchronously). The following surveys were used: Earth (from space); Moscow Kremlin; restored cities: Volgograd, Donetsk, Minsk. Novgorod, Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Leningrad; memories of the war soldier G. Lichko (synchronously); blooming garden; monument to the fallen fellow villagers in the village. Khlystunovka, Cherkasy region; widow Agripina Andreevna tells about the letter of M. Thatcher, written by the widows of s. Khlystunovka (synchronously); a monument to the victims of the English city of Coventry; interview with the former mayor of Coventry (synchronously in English); M. Brissot recalls the fascist barbarism in Oradour (synchronously in French); General Secretary of the Central Committee of the French Communist Party J. Marchais speaks at an anti-war rally (synchronously in French); holiday "Humanite" in Paris; a survey of passers-by on the streets of Paris, Warsaw, London, Berlin, New York, Prague, West Berlin, Budapest about what they want to wish to those who are nearby and those who are far away (synchronously).
I. Gutman
Film ID
the second world war
, energy
, fuel industry
, metallurgy
, building
, agricultural engineering
, sea transport
, state trade
, sculpture
, atomic physics
, publishing
, cities
, railway transport
, borbazamir
, plant growing
, cosmonautics
Number of Parts
V. Dobronitsky, Yu. Orlov
Other Creators
Leading People's Artist of the USSR E. Matveev
Release Date
Has Sound

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