Tourists in Leningrad

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The film is dedicated to the city of Leningrad and the stay of foreign tourists in the city. Leningrad city from the plane. Types of streets, buildings and city squares. Palace Square. The building of the Winter Palace. The Alexandrian pillar. Exchange. Mosque. Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedrals. Channels. Bridges. Smolny building. Ancient architecture buildings. Buildings of modern architecture. The movement of cars and trams. Mothers take their children to nurseries and kindergartens. Babysitters and educators work with children. Schoolchildren in the classroom, recess. School building. House of Pioneers. Classes in circles. Sea port. Cargo handling. Foreign ships in the port. Tourists go ashore. Buildings of hotels "Astoria" and "Europe". Interiors of rooms. Served table in the room. Passers-by on the streets. Kayaks on the Neva. Boat station. The audience is resting on the Kirov Islands. Children play with a turtle, ride rides. Tourists on excursions to St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peterhof, the Hermitage, Pushkin. Fountains of Peterhof. Petrodvorets. Park and Catherine Palace in Pushkin. Lyceum building. Monument to Pushkin. Tourists have lunch at a restaurant. Yachts in the Gulf of Finland. Tourists in cars. White Nights. Lovers on the embankment. Opened bridge. Steamer movement. Water holiday on the Neva. Physical culture parade.
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urban transport
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, holidays
, school education
, cultural connections
, relaxation
, architecture
, sea transport
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, museums
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