Trade Unions on the Way to the Rule of Law

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The film tells about the work of the Kuibyshev Regional Council of Trade Unions. Part 1 City of Kuibyshev. Rally on the square in front of the Lenin Museum. The protesters are holding banners, posters, flags. A man is speaking. One of the protesters takes away from the woman a banner with the inscription: "NO RED FASCISM!" The building of the Kuibyshev Regional Council of Trade Unions. Verification of documents at the entrance to the building. An employee of the regional council of trade union examines letters from local residents. Head of legal advice Vasily Petrovich Yusupov, specialist in pension issues Alla Leonidovna Trifonova are receiving visitors in their offices. Visitors in the corridor sit on chairs near the office. Housing law specialist Zinaida Vasilievna Koleganova talks to the villagers on the street. Employees of the legal inspection of the regional council of trade unions and branch trade unions in the office talking with a representative of the administration of one of the city enterprises. Traffic on the streets. Passers-by walk along the sidewalk in winter. People are queuing up. City food market. Clothing market. Workers in the shop at work on the machines. Poultry workers lay eggs. Newsreel footage of the 1930s: I.V. Stalin, G. Dimitrov and others on the platform of the mausoleum; workers dismantle the building of the shop of the artel of fishermen N.N. Nesterova; a man speaks in the courtroom in the Shakhty case (1928); the audience applauds in the hall; the car is driving across the field; a column of pioneers on a city street; pioneers ride bicycles. Part 2 Conference of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Kuibyshev Region. The chairman of the Council of Trade Unions V.E. Dolgov. Members of the presidium vote. Conference participants in the hall. Trade union lawyers talk with workers in the confectionery and sewing shops. V.P. Yusupov talks with a visitor in the office. Session of the People's Court. A.P. Yusupov speaks in the courtroom with a speech about the illegal dismissal of the engineer-fireman of the recycling plant Alexandra Antonovna Filippova (sinhr.). The judge read out the court decision on the restoration of A.A. Filippova in office (sinhr.), A trade union lawyer in the audience conducts legal training for trade union activists. Meeting in the office of the chairman of the council of trade unions V.E. Dolgov. Among those present V.P. Yusupov, Z. V. Koleganova, A.L. Trifonov. Visitors in the foyer of the building of the regional council of trade unions. The lobby attendant answers questions from visitors.
N. Kotov
Film ID
specialized trade
, court
, automobile transport
, pioneer organization
, markets
, cities
, unions
, rallies
, poultry
Number of Parts
Yu. Pivsaev
Other Creators
consultant V. Dolgov, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor O. Teplenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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