Transfer of a Residential Building for Workers Built by the Moscow City Council

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The plot of the chronicle tells about the transfer of a residential building for workers, built by the Moscow City Council. Moscow. Sorokosvyatskaya Street (since 1924 - "Dinamovskaya"), 9/2: in front of the house on high pedestals sculptures of a worker with a sickle and a peasant woman with a child (sculptor Strakhovich), in the courtyard of the house there is a crowd of people. On the building there is a portrait of V.I. Lenin, banners with the NDP: "HELLO TO THE MOSCOW COUNCIL, HAS FULFILLED THE TASK OF ITS VOTERS", "WE WILL CREATE WITH OUR WORKERS AND PEASANTS ... HOUSING", "EXEMPLARY STATE BUILDING. TO THE SIXTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION. 1923. "," LET WORKERS OF THE WEST FOLLOW OUR EXAMPLE "," BRIGHTEN THE BARRIERS OF THE PROLETARIAN THUNDER ", THE GERMAN STEAM ... AND THE SOVIET ... WILL WIN ALL ...". The brass band of the Red Army is playing. Speaker from the rostrum. NDP on the building: “HOUSE FOR WORKERS. BUILT BY THE MOSSOVET. 1923. " Workers stand in front of the entrance to the building, cut the tape with scissors, enter the house. Tyufelevaya Roshcha Street: the acceptance committee is walking past the new houses built for the workers of the Automobile Moscow Society (AMO). Groups of people are standing with banners with the NDP: "YES SOVIET VEHICLE AMO FERRERO FACTORY". NDP on the building: “HOUSE FOR WORKERS. BUILT BY THE MOSSOVET. 1923. "
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Cities. Household sculpture. Visual agitation. Meetings. Housing construction.
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