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The film tells about a girl who was born with a congenital anomaly of the face, about her life, about her perception of the world around her, feeling herself in this world and about a talented doctor who performs unique facial surgeries. The film uses the following filming: Part 1. The heroine of the film Olesya walks along the street (her story is heard behind the scenes); the nurse of the clinic is carrying the child, the surgeon is preparing for the operation; a child, sitting on the floor, ties a lace, gets up; mother combes her daughter, dresses her, the girl sits at the table; the doctor talks with his little patient and with the girl's mother during the appointment (sync.); mom tells (sync.) about her child; Masha is in the kindergarten among the children, sitting at the table, drawing; Olesya walks down the street (Olesya recites poetry behind the scenes); a nurse with a child enters the operating room, the child lies on the operating table, the surgeon operates on the child, wakes him up at the end of the operation, removes the gown, the nurse washes the instruments; Olesya walks through the garden, talks (off-screen) about herself, about her feelings. Part 2: Mom and Masha in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, examining the exhibits, leaving the museum; Olesya is walking down the street, talking (off-screen) about how people sometimes look down on a person who has some kind of physical disability; Olesya at home watching TV; Olesya in a flower shop, asks (per shot) to help choose flowers for a man, the seller collects a bouquet; Olesya in the office of the doctor Vladimir Alekseevich, the doctor talks with Olesya (sync. And off-screen.); Olesya is walking, reading (per frame) poetry.
I. Bessarabova
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medical services for the population
, preschool education
, everyday life
, museums
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