Travel to Antarctica

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Textbook for courses in physical geography. The film documents were filmed by members of the 3rd Maritime Antarctic Expedition. World maps, Antarctica. Movement of the motor ship "Kooperatsia" along the Kiel Canal, the North Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean, the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea. Sea and ocean landscapes. Sailboat "Comrade" at sea. Diesel-electric ship "Ob" in the ice, in the sea. Antarctica. Expedition staff - geologists examine the "ice island", rocks, rocks, take ice samples. Landscapes of Antarctica. Albatrosses, skuas. Icebergs, members of the expedition are exploring the territory of Antarctica by plane. Seal rookery. Penguins. Whales. Blizzard. The plane at the ice airfield, takes off, in the air, lands on board the diesel-electric ship "Ob". Expedition staff at work. Members of the expedition in the years. Cape Town (South Africa), Wellington (New Zealand), Adelaide (Australia), Cairo (Egypt), Alexandria (Egypt), Beirut (Lebanon) on excursions: they see the sights of cities, get acquainted with the flora and fauna. Types of cities. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Neighborhood. University of Cape Town. New Zealand Maori people. National holiday. Home life. Horse racing at the hippodrome. Beach on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Kangaroos, koala bears. Cockatoo. Boa. Sea ports. Hippopotamus. Phoenix. The Pyramid of Cheops.
O. Fratkin
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scientific connections
, holidays
, cartography
, geology
, architecture
, sea transport
, christianity
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, territory
, cities
, air transport
, geography
, peoples life
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V. Bardin
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