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Film about the work of the State Public Library. M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin in Leningrad. Commemorative sign "Opened for the benefit of the general 2nd January 1814", dedicated to the opening of the first Russian public library in St. Petersburg. Facade of the M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin Library in Leningrad. Readers climb the stairs. Together with the staff, they work in the library catalog. The bookshelves contain old large books (atlases), miniature books the size of a palm ("EDITIONES MINIMAE"), sets of chemistry magazines ("ANNALES DE CHIMIE") from 1789 to 1938. The Rossica section contains books about Russia and the Russian people published abroad. Engravings by D.B. Piranesi (18th century), A.F. Zubov, a contemporary of Peter I, lithographs, Chinese anti-fascist posters from the Japanese-Chinese war of 1937-1945. The Faust Cabinet in the library reproduces the furnishings of a 15th century library. Incunabula (early printed books of the 15th century) are kept here. The researcher examines the tome. In the hall of the manuscript department there is a sculpture of Nestor the Chronicler (1890, sc. M.M. Antokolsky), the Laurentian Chronicle (1377) and the Ostromir Gospel (XI century) are kept here. Scientists are researching rarities. Writer Yuri Nikolaevich Tynyanov leafs through Ferdowsi's poem "Shahname" ("The Book of Kings", (976-1011). Academician Evgeny Viktorovich Tarle edits the publication of the Bastille archive. Voltaire's personal library in bookcases. In the fund of illegal Russian revolutionary literature, the collection of newspapers "Kolokol "And" Iskra "," Soldierskaya Pravda ", the newspaper" Dro "(" Time ") in Georgian with IV Stalin's article" Anarchism and Socialism ", leaflets of the Union of Struggle for the Liberation of the Working Class, brochures by VI Lenin and K. Marx. The library contains books in the national languages of the peoples of the Soviet Union. The reading room of the State Public Library named after ME Saltykov-Shchedrin is completely filled with people.
M. Kligman
Film ID
, christianity
, literature
, educational activities
, political propaganda
, printing (periodical
Number of Parts
G. Trofimov
Other Creators
sound engineer R. Soloviev, music design D. Astradantsev, consultant V. Lyublinsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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