Truth and Bonfire Cathedral of Christ the Savior

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Chronicle footage. December 1931 City of Moscow. Preparatory work before the explosion of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior: removing the icon from the iconostasis, removing and breaking sculptures, taking out marble. View and interiors of the temple. Workers are building a fence around the temple. December 5, 1931 Explosion of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Late 1920s - 1930s. Celebration at the ice rink. The movement of skaters with torches in their hands. Anticlerical carnival procession. The soldiers cut down and remove the cross from the church, carry and throw icons in a heap. People remove icons from the walls, take them out of their homes. The icon is thrown into the fire. Icons are burning. Meeting M. Gorky, who returned from Italy, at the railway station. N. Bukharin welcomes Gorky. I. Stalin, M. Kalinin, N. Bukharin are on Red Square. Inventory of church values in one of the temples. Removing metal sheets from the domes of the temple. Dismantling of the monument to Alexander III. Destruction of the Ilyinsky gate, the church. D. Poor (close-up). Passionate and Miracles monasteries. The policeman takes the icon out of the church. Destruction of the Red Gate. Destruction of churches in Vladimir and Kiev. Preparation of a construction site for the Palace of Soviets. 1920s. Starving old people, children and women of the Volga region. The corpses of children and adults. Pre-revolutionary footage: the 1912 Borodino celebrations. Cameraman V. Mikosha gives interviews (synchronously). Portraits of members of the royal family. House of Ipatiev in the city of Sverdlovsk. Photos of priests killed during the years of repression. Models and architectural projects of the Palace of Soviets. Swimming pool "Moscow" in winter.
V. Ryzhko
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state power
, anti-religious propaganda
, repression
, christianity
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A. Kolobrodov
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Has Sound

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