Tsovkra Three on a Rope

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The film tells about the Laks tightrope walkers from the famous village of Tsovkra (Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Kulinsky District). A man plays a national wind instrument, a boy walks along a tightrope. People are sitting on the side of the mountain, watching the tightrope walker. Coach Sh.Abakarov teaches the boy the art of walking on a tightrope. A girl performs exercises on a rope, mountains in the background. A little boy learns to walk on a tightrope - training on the ground. The coach and the boy walk the tightrope together. View of the aul Tsovkra during the holiday, residents are watching the tightrope walkers. - the faces of the audience. Men perform acrobatic acts on a tightrope, the audience applauds. A bridge over a mountain river, a cart rides, men on horseback. Men set up rope poles in the valley. The rope-walkers perform the numbers, the spectators-mowers watch. New microdistrict [g. Makhachkala], an announcer in the courtyard of the house is reporting on the performance of tightrope walkers from Tsovry. The boys walk the tightrope, the NDP at the audience - children from the surrounding houses. Children run along the sandy shore of the Caspian Sea. The boy runs into the sea. The girl on the shore plays the pipe. The boy carries the girl on a bicycle along the shore. Evening, mountains, aul Tsovkra, in the background - a tightrope walker walking on a tightrope. Elderly men in the village watching Sh. Abakarov, who performs exercises on the rope. A little boy with a pole walks the tightrope. The girl looks up at him. Motorcyclists are driving along the aul street, a man is leading a donkey. Girls with jugs go to fetch water. A girl with small buckets is walking down the street. A girl on a rope leads a lamb, next to him is a boy with a knapsack on his back. The girls are sitting on donkeys, smiling.
V. Grunin
Film ID
out-of-school education
, holidays
, rural settlements
, carton transport
, festivities
, population
, roads
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, peoples life
Number of Parts
V. Dzobaev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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