Tunguska Rapids

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A film about the difficulties of spring navigation on the Podkamennaya Tunguska River (right tributary of the Yenisei). Part I. The Yenisei River, the Communal automobile-pedestrian bridge (1961) and the building of the river station (1952, architect A.N. Golubev) in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The motor ship "Slavyanka" of the Yenisei River Shipping Company goes north to the right tributary of the Yenisei - Podkamennaya Tunguska. The ship is managed by Captain Pyotr Sidorovich Avdeev and the first navigator Viktor Georgievich Makariev. Up along the Podkamennaya Tunguska river ships go by caravan. The motor ships "Sovetskaya Arktika", "Nelma", "Kurgan", "Leningrad" and others carry cargoes necessary for Siberians: trucks, tractors, slate, industrial equipment. Before entering the waters of the tributary, the captains agree on the sequence of travel. A helicopter rises into the air to find out the state of the river. The motor ship "Slavyanka" goes along the river with ice. The first navigator V.G. Makariev with the sailors fixes the rope on the shore. Due to this, the rapid current does not carry the ship in shallow water with stones. Before the Big Threshold, the ships again gather in a caravan. A new propeller is installed on the Slavyanka. Part II. The tug "Rodina" pulls the motor ship "Slavyanka" on a rope along the Bolshoi threshold. The ship passes seven kilometers of the rapids in six hours. V.G. Makariev checks the depth of the river from the deck, P.S. Avdeev controls the ship. The motor ship arrives at its destination, children run along the shore shouting "Hurray!"
I. Danilyuk
Film ID
, river transport
Number of Parts
Yu. Ustyuzhaninov, G. Krasnoveikin
Other Creators
author L. Shchipko, sound engineer Y. Ignatiev, editor L. Sidorova, editor V. Fedorov
Release Date
Has Sound

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