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The film tells about old and new traditions of Eid al-Adha, about the identity of the Turkmen people. Residents of Turkmenistan are answering the question of the filmmakers about what, in their understanding, the word Turkmenchilik means (synchronously and behind the scenes). Storm in the Caspian Sea. Lesson in the madrasah. The teacher congratulates the students on the upcoming holiday of Eid al-Adha (Navruz). Family celebration on the occasion of the holiday. A man chooses a ram for sacrifice, performs a sacrifice rite. The carpet maker weaves the carpet. A reservoir in the steppe, camels by the reservoir. Dunes in the desert. Bird in the sky. Mountain village with a mosque. Children are playing, women are doing housework and handicrafts. Aksakals are sitting at a stone fence. People at the bus stop, the bus with passengers is leaving. Yurts of nomads in the steppe. An elderly Turkmen is passing by on a donkey. Inhabitants of different sex and age in the national life. Tea drinking in one of the yurts. Ashgabat city. The first session of the Supreme Soviet of the Turkmen SSR of the 12th convocation, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Turkmen SSR S.A. Niyazov (synchronously in the Turkmen language), the deputies in the hall, vote for the adoption of the Declaration of the Sovereignty of Turkmenistan (1st -5th part) ... Streets and buildings of the city. Transport and pedestrian traffic. Residents of the city of different nationalities on the streets. The building of the Council of Ministers of the Turkmen SSR. Monument to V.I. Lenin. Market. Trade in national household items, arts and crafts, jewelry, cultural goods, cars. Dombra seller in the market, playing dombra. A cameraman is filming a program dedicated to the celebration of Eid al-Adha. Laying the foundation of the mosque, lifting and installing the dome. Believers at prayer in the mosque (filmed from the top). Exhibition of carpets and rugs, among the exhibits are carpets-paintings depicting the leaders of the party and the state. A scene from the play "Jan" based on the novel by A.P. Platonov on the stage of the Turkmen theater "Dovlet Experimental Yashlar". Chronicle footage. Ashgabat city. Not earlier than December 1985. Meeting of S.A. Niyazov with aksakals. Speeches and voting of the participants of the meeting. Monument to V.I. Lenin. Pioneers at the monument.
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urban transport
, communist parties
, central bodies of state power
, private trade
, a television
, theatre
, folk music
, population
, islam
, animal world
, cartage
, decorative and applied art
, national policy
, national holidays
, state structure
, sculpture
, peoples life
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