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1 h. Turkmenistan. Landscapes of mountains, deserts. Aul. The ancient city of Urgench. Amu Darya river. Ancient dam. Ruins of the ancient city of Vizir. 2 hours. Chronicle: life and everyday life of the poor Turkmen. Fragments of a feature film about the October Revolution of 1917. Production processes in agriculture. Canal construction. Flora and fauna of Turkmenistan. Life and everyday life of Turkmen nomads. Camel caravan movement. Oasis. Sowing and harvesting grain. Irrigation. A holiday in one of the villages. 3 hours. Harvesting of cotton and fruit. One of the collective farms. Collective farmers at work, in the family, national life. Pupils at school. Surveyors, topographers in the desert, make a survey of the area. Production processes at the sulfur plant. Extraction of mirabilite. Melon. Caspian Sea. Fisheries. The movement of a passenger steamer. The seaport of the city of Krasnovodsk. Loading of grain, oil. Oil fields. The city of Nebit-Dag. Ashgabat city. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Council of Ministers of the Turkmen SSR. Ministers at work. 4 hours Ashgabat city. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Turkmen branch. The movement of automobile, horse-drawn transport. Guard policeman. The park. Sports competitions in the pool. Athletes parade. Chronicle: horse race Ashgabat - Karakum - Moscow. 1935 Breeding of silkworms. Silk production at the Ashgabat silk-winding factory, horse racing of Turkmen horsemen. 5 h. The stand of the Turkmen karakul at the agricultural exhibition in Moscow. Karakul lambs. Tekin carpets at the International Industrial Exhibition in Paris. Turkmen women weave a carpet. Turkmen writer B. Ker-Babaev. Fragments of performances of the Opera and Ballet Theater, Drama Theater. Chronicle: mobilization in the villages of Turkmenistan during the Great Patriotic War, Turkmen fighters at the front. 6 hours. Chronicle: Production processes in industry and agriculture of Turkmenistan during the Great Patriotic War, handing over of valuables and jewelry, believers in mosques, distribution of gifts to soldiers at the front, military operations of the air forces in the Caspian Sea. Construction of an oil refinery, railway. Celebrating the end of the war: fireworks, festivities, meeting soldiers returning from the front; Elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 1946 Meeting of the session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in Moscow. Chairman of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan Berdyev makes a report. Delegates in the hall. JV Stalin is present.
N. Bondarenko, N. Kopysov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, transport
, industry
, architectural monuments
, national life
, holidays
, exhibitions
, higher bodies of state power
, folk crafts
, theatre
, entertainment
, agriculture
, national composition of the population
, art
Number of Parts
V. A. Lavrov, D. Mamedov, D. Nepesov, I. Chiknoverov
Other Creators
V. Popov, M. Osokin, P. I. Smirnov, Ivanov-Barkov, L. I. Khmara
Release Date
Has Sound

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