Undeclared War

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Vietnam. Village street. The girl collects water, caresses the linen. The peasants are cultivating the rice fields. Soldiers are passing by. Fishermen on a sampan. Armed peasants are working in the garden. Planes are dropping bombs. The child is crying. Explosions. Fires. Wounded. The operation is in progress. Schoolchildren are fleeing the bombing. Ruined class. Ruined houses. Children play on the ruins. Ruined church. Nuns. Shelter construction. Haiphong Port. Unloading ships with food, machines, harvesters that arrived from the USSR. Vessels "Berezovka", "R. Rollan", "A. Herzen" in the port. Training of Vietnamese pilots in the USSR. Funeral of the mechanic of the motor ship "Turkestan" M. Rybachuk, who died off the coast of the DRV as a result of the bombing. A rocket made in the USSR, in Vietnam. Vietnamese soldiers on exercises, on vacation. Headquarters. Officers at the map. Machine gunners are firing at planes. The missile shoots down the plane. Captured American pilot. Portrait of downed American pilots. USA. US President Lyndon Johnson escorts soldiers to Vietnam. Vietnam. Bazaar. Trench. An underground passage leading to the cave. Stalactites. Women and men work at the machines in the cave. Women weavers are working. Road repair with headlights. A column of Americans with US flags is passing by. Landing of troops from the ship. Tanks go through the jungle. Soldiers are breaking into the house. US infantry is advancing, supported by tanks. Soldiers are burning rice, driving the Vietnamese behind barbed wire. Concentration camp. Saigon Vice President Nguyen Kao Ki by car, at the airport, in a chair, at the training ground. Streets of Saigon. The rickshaw is carrying an armed American. Advertising. Shoe cleaners. Hanoi street. Boys and girls are riding bicycles. The girl answers at the blackboard. Saigon. Overnight. Poor street. Residential area of the cemetery. Children are sitting at the grave. Overclocking the demonstration. The atrocities of American soldiers in Vietnam. USA. Training of American soldiers. Wounded American soldiers. The coffin is being carried. A medal is hung on the coffin. Vietnam. Farmers harvest rice at night. Schoolchildren are sitting with smokehouses. The printing house is working. South Vietnamese government. Meeting room. Vietnamese flag at Notre Dame in Paris. Hall of negotiations in Paris. Delegation of Vietnam. Delegation of the USA. Portrait of Ho Chi Minh. Children present flowers to the president. Typography. Flower market. Boys and girls are singing. Railway construction. Rice fields. Waterfall. Children swim in the waterfall.
I. Galin
Film ID
military communications
, everyday life
, agriculture
, wars and conflicts2nd half20th century
, economic cooperation
, armed forces
Number of Parts
I. Galin
Other Creators
Script I. Galin, V. Lomeiko, composer N. Denisov
Release Date
Has Sound

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