Under the Branches of the Forest

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Fir-covered mountain slopes (winter plan). Deer among the forest trunks in winter. The deer eats the grass found under the snow. Wild boars are running through the winter forest. The wolf is running. A herd of deer is running through the winter forest. With a pitchfork and a shovel, a forester walks through the deep snow to the hay heap. The forester with a bundle of hay goes to the trough. The forester puts the hay in the trough; deer are watching the forester from afar. A forester in the forest feeds the cubs with milk from a bottle through a nipple. A cub of a wild boar runs in the spring forest. Fox in a cage. Fox cubs in a hole under a tree trunk, a forester puts two fox cubs in his bag. Cubs in a hole in a tree trunk. An adult wolf stands with its tongue out. The baby deer lies on the ground, then rises on its legs and goes to the mother. The deer is feeding the baby. The fawn, under the control of its mother, learns the world around it. Deer with cubs in the forest. A snail on a branch, a spider in a web. The falcon is screaming sitting on a branch. A lynx is walking through the forest. The girl feeds the fawn from the pacifier. The poacher is shooting, the poachers are removing the wounded animal from the cart. A fawn with a bandaged leg in a corral. The forester leads the recovered deer into the forest. The fawn is running away.
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