Under the Bright Sun

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1 h. Georgia. Mountain, river, sea landscapes. Terek river. Waterfall. Vardzia fortress. Alaverdi, Mtskheta monasteries, etc. Monuments of ancient architecture. Mount Kazbek. Bazaleti lake. 2h Hydroelectric power plants of Georgia: ZHPP, RionHPP, KhramHPP, AtsHPP. Chiatura city. Production processes in a manganese mine, at a mining and processing plant. Zestafon Ferroalloy Plant. Machine-tool plant them. Kirov. Coal mining in the mines of the city of Tkvarcheli. Oil fields in the Shirak steppe. Batumi oil refinery. Colchis: drainage of swamps, construction of a village, orchards of citrus crops. Railway construction. Residents of one of the villages perform the Ossetian folk dance "Simga". Gori city. Streets, traffic, pedestrians. House-Museum of I. V. Stalin. Excursion. Cities: Staliniri, Kutaisi, Sukhumi, Batumi. Types of cities. Streets. Building. 3 hours. City of Tbilisi. Types of streets, squares, buildings, parks, squares. Funicular. Bridge. Embankment. Branch of the Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute. High school. University. Conservatory. Theater them. Rustaveli: building, fragment of the play. 4 hours. City of Tbilisi. Exhibits of the Historical Museum. Writers at home Akaki Tsereteli. Celebrations on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of A. Tsereteli. Football match and parade of athletes at the stadium; in Moscow, on Red Square, the passage of a column of athletes from Georgia. 5 h. Harvesting in orchards. Making canned vegetables and fruits at a cannery. Wine and champagne production at wineries. Fruit orchards, vineyards. 6 hours Citrus plantations. Harvesting. Tea plantations. Harvesting; among the collective farmers - K. Sarsania, H. Kakabadze. Production processes in tea factories, silk weaving factories, knitwear factory. Thoroughbred livestock, including sheep, horses, cows on collective farm pastures. 7 h. Eucalyptus grove. Collecting tobacco on plantations. Production of cigarettes at a tobacco factory. Pavilion "Georgia" at the agricultural exhibition in Moscow. Rewarding the collective farmers of Georgia at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. A holiday in one of the collective farms: a gala dinner, dancing. Life, everyday life of collective farmers. 8 hours Georgia. Pioneer camps, sanatoriums on the Black Sea coast. Lake Ritsa. Resorts: Borjomi, Tskhaltubo and others. Rest houses. Winter resort Bakuriani. Climbers, skiers. Meteorological station on Mount Kazbek. Demonstration in Tbilisi. On the podium, the government of Georgia, guests.
N. Shengelaya, Sh. Chagunava, V. Mitrofanov
Film ID
industry: mining
, energy
, metallurgy
, food
, literature
, museums
, higher and secondary education
, easy hydr
, agriculture
, theaters
, monuments of architecture
, cities
, national composition of the population
, art
Number of Parts
B. Kreps, L. Arzumanov, A. Semenov, N. Nagorny, A. A. Adzhibegishvili
Other Creators
I. Gokieli, V. Dolidze, V. Alavidze, I. Edigarashvili, Y. Levitan
Release Date
Has Sound

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