Under the Flag of the Motherland

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The city of Odessa. Opening of the monument to the sailors of the battleship Potemkin; there are Potemkin veterans. The city of Leningrad. Sailors on the cruiser Aurora. Newsreel. The crew of the submarine under the command of the Hero of the Soviet Union N. A. Lunin at the time of the battle. A fascist ship explodes. The sailors are fighting on the shore. Fighter pilot of the Air Force of the Northern Fleet P. Sgibnev in the plane. The city of Severomorsk, a settlement named after the Hero of the Soviet Union, fighter pilot of the Northern Fleet Air Force B. Safonov. The sailors are at the monument to B. Safonov, laying flowers. Moscow city. Solemn meeting of representatives of workers, the Soviet Army and the Navy in the Central Theater of the Soviet Army, dedicated to the Day of the Navy of the USSR; Admiral of the Fleet V.A.Kasatonov is speaking. Vladivostok city. Solemn meeting of residents of the city and military sailors at the city stadium on the occasion of awarding the Pacific Fleet with the Order of the Red Banner. AP Kirilenko presents the order. The commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral N. N. Amelko, bypasses the formation of ships on the raid of the city of Vladivostok on a boat, congratulates the sailors on the holiday. The city of Severomorsk. A ceremonial meeting at the Navy Club on the occasion of the awarding of the Northern Sea Fleet with the Order of the Red Banner. A. N. Shelepin presents the award. Construction of ships of the Northern Fleet in the roadstead in the Kola Bay. Admiral S. M. Lobov congratulates the crews of the ships on the Day of the USSR Navy. The city of Baltiysk. Awarding the Baltic Fleet with the Order of the Red Banner. AN Kosygin attaches the order to the banner of the fleet. Parade of units of the marines and ships of the Baltic Fleet. On the flagship boat - A. N. Kosygin and Admiral of the Fleet S. G. Gorshkov. The parade is hosted by Rear Admiral V.V. Mikhailin. The city of Sevastopol was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal, the Black Sea Fleet was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. The awards are presented by N. V. Podgorny. The commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral S. Ye. Chursin, on a boat touring the formation of ships. Water sports festival. Landing of submarine paratroopers, marines; swimming competition, finishing G. Prozumenshchikova. The masters of figure swimming are performing. Mass swim of military sailors.
V. Plotnikova
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the great patriotic war
, swimming
, sports
, museums
, state holidays
, navy
, armed forces
, sculpture
, awards
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O. Afanasyev, N. Vinogradsky, I. Grek, I. Zaporozhsky, S. Maslennikov, L. Mikhailov, E. Mukhin, P. Opryshko, M. Popova, K. Ryashentsev, S. Skralivetsky, N. Soloviev, B. Cher
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Text by E. Kozyrev, sound by K. Nikitin
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