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Moscow city. St. Basil's Cathedral, Kremlin, Manezhnaya Square. A young man writes mathematical formulas on the asphalt. The young dad shakes the stroller. The city of Dubna. Snow-covered cottages in the forest. Town street. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Synchrophasotron. Remote Control. A group of scientists. Institute scientist B. Neganov with his daughter Olya, at the institute, fishing during the rest. Photos of B. Neganov's parents. Estonia. Tallinn city. Panorama over the rooftops of the city. Narrow street. Restaurant emblem. Artists on the streets. School of Music. One of the students of the school Sylvia Timberg. General view of the town of Otepl, where Sylvia was born. Fishermen fish on the lake. Traditional national holiday in the city. Organ music concert in the church. Sportsmen on boats. Amateur theater performance. Cafe on Lake Pühejärve. Visitors at the tables. Sylvia sings. The city of Leningrad. Opened bridges. "Lizin's groove". Morning of one of the families of the city of Leningrad. The city of Leningrad during the siege: a snow-covered trolleybus, a woman with a sled is walking. People draw water from the street. A man falls into the snow. People are raising a woman. Women, old people and adolescents at the factory. The Electrosila plant today. Workers at the machines. Monument at the Piskarevskoye cemetery. Eternal flame. Biologist Anna Koval on the streets of the city, at home, in the laboratory, while playing billiards. Photos of Anna from different years. Children behind barbed wire. German officers walk along the camp. Prisoners. The fascist drives prisoners, drives people into railway cars. Corpses. Bake. Human jaws, hair in bags. Soviet soldiers release prisoners. Anna with a number on her hand on the medical table. The floating base "Felix Dzerzhinsky". Locator antenna. Captain Atarshikov on the outer bridge. The navigator puts the coordinates on the map. Ship at sea. Fishermen pull fish out of their nets. Lavrov Bay. Transfer of fish to the ship.
L. Belyakov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, science
, fishing
, everyday life
, public catering
, sea transport
, cities
, electrical industry
, music
Number of Parts
L. Belyakov
Other Creators
script E. Kozyrev, V. Osminin, text L. Grosman, composer V. Agafonnikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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