Union for Peace

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Countries of Western Europe: the square of one of the cities, pigeons, children, pedestrian traffic, the bride and groom leave the cathedral, a lesson at school, a soldier with a child and a woman on the lawn, a mother with a newborn child, the artist draws a portrait of a woman on the street. Chronicle: Poland. Warsaw. The signing of the Warsaw Pact in May 1955. The building of the headquarters of the Warsaw Pact in Moscow. Meeting. Military exercises of armies - Warsaw Pact countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia. Military exercises of the joint armed forces. Present: DF Ustinov, V. Jaruzelsky. GDR. 1979 Rally dedicated to the withdrawal of 20 thousand Soviet servicemen from the GDR. Austria. Vienna. 1979 year. Leonid Brezhnev signs the SALT-2 Treaty. Belgium. Brussels. December 1979. Session of NATO, which adopted a decision on the deployment of American nuclear missiles in Western Europe. NATO airbase. Warships at sea. The rocket takes off. 1980 May. Session of NATO. Protest demonstrations in Paris. Moscow. Big theater. Inaugural meeting dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Warsaw Pact. Jubilee meeting of the Military Council of the United Armed Forces. Poland. Warsaw. 1980 Anniversary meeting of the Political Consultative Committee of the Warsaw Pact countries. Present: E. Gierek, T. Zhivkov, J. Kadar, E. Honecker, N. Ceausescu, G. Gusak, L. I. Brezhnev, A. N. Kosygin, A. A. Gromyko, N. V. Ogarkov.
I. Bessarabov
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military communications
, armed forces
, population
, cities
, a family
Number of Parts
O. Artseulov, O. Lebedev, V. Lovkov, V. Kiselev, V. Kopalin
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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