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International diplomatic relations. International cultural ties. Industry. Agriculture. Gardening. Agriculture. Livestock raising. Sea transport. Automobile transport. Education. The Second World War. State structure. Gen. Culture. Museums. Archeology. Architecture. Holidays. Cities. Amateur performances. Decorative and applied arts. Landscapes. Population. Judaism. Islam. Trade. Air Transport. Communal services. Government. Christianity PART ONE Israel. Manufacturing processes in the electronics and food industries. Production processes in agriculture. The movement of a passenger ship. The processes of extraction and transportation of Dead Sea salts. Loading and unloading operations in one of the ports. The buildings of the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Nazareth, the Church of the Nativity of Christ, the chapel of Mary Magdalene. A church building at the site of Jesus Christ's conversion with the Sermon on the Mount. Views of the city of Nazareth. Writer Amos Makadi at work. Family members of film producer Zvi Spielman at lunch. View from the sea to the city of Haifa. Workshop for the production of ceramic products. Master at work. Tel Aviv city. Recording of the performance of the Bolshoi Amateur Ensemble at one of the film studios. Chronicle footage. Moscow. Opening of the Exhibition of Jewish Graphics at the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin. Chairman of the Committee for Cultural and Scientific Relations of Israel M. Klausner opens the exhibition. PART TWO Israel. Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee, Lake of Gennesaret). Landscapes of the lake. The fisherman throws the net. The outskirts of the city of Mitspe Ramona. The locality where the Druze live. Life of the Druze. Bedouin and pack donkey are walking in the desert. Life of the Bedouins in the desert (staged footage). Shepherd with a flock of sheep in the pasture. Development of new arable land. Irrigation system. Residential buildings designed by the Desert Institute. City of Jerusalem. City views. Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Divine service in the temple. Priests on the streets of the city and in the temple. PART THREE Israel. Students in the classroom. Children with cancer are being treated in one of the clinics. The building of the Research Institute. Weizmann. Institute staff at work. Former director of the Institute of Solar Energy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Vladimir Lerner with the staff of the N.I. Weizmann. View of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Haifa city. A worker washes the windows of a high-rise building. The mayor of the city, Arie Gure, talks about the problems of cohabitation of Arabs and Jews (synchronously and behind the scenes). Meeting of members of the public organization "Shelom-Ashaf" ("Peace Now") PART FOUR Israel. Tourist complex for young people. Tourist trail, equipped at the bottom of the canyon. The movement of jeeps along the track. Young people swim in a mountain lake. Agricultural commune (kibbutz) "Gansh Shmuel". Commune members at lunch at the First Harvest Festival. Selling agricultural products in a store. PART FIVE Israel. Sale of agricultural and industrial goods on the square of one of the cities on a day off. Amateur artists are performing. Couples dance on the street outside the entertainment center. The cameraman takes pictures of the bride and groom. Coming of Age Day celebration. Guests at the festive table, the hero of the occasion performs a dance. Interior view of the synagogue. Eilat city. Passengers in the aircraft cabin, going down the ladder. The territory of the resort on the coast. Motor ships and pleasure boats at the pier. Vacationers on the shore. City of Jerusalem. A group of men praying at the Wailing Wall PART SIX Israel. Commemoration ceremony for the victims of fascism. The parade of participants in the anti-fascist movement and the Resistance from different countries. A woman who miraculously survived the massacre at Babi Yar is among the protesters. Museum of memory of victims of fascism. Cemetery. Mother cries at the grave of her son. Schoolchildren in the classroom. Repository of Ancient Manuscripts Found in the Qumran Caves PART SEVEN Israel. Ruins of the ancient fortress of Massada. Tourists visiting the ruins. Chronicle footage. Israel. 1948 year. The solemn ceremony of the declaration of Israel's independence. Salute of the guard of honor. National flag of Israel on a flagpole. The British military leave the territory of Palestine, climb aboard the ship. THE USSR. Moscow. 1948-1949 years. First Israeli Ambassador to the USSR Golda Meir at a reception in the Kremlin. PARTS ONE, SIXTH Remains of ancient Jewish settlements in the Sinai Desert. Sand caves on the west coast of the Dead Sea.
A. Burimsky
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M. Komolikov, P. Tartakov
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