Unknown Weaving

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A film about the history of creation and the fate of a military aircraft, designed in the Design Bureau of P.O. Sukhoi and known as "product one hundred". Moscow region. City of Monino. Museum of Aviation Technology. Museum exhibits. Military aircraft "weaving" among the exhibits. The chief designer of the "weaving" NS Chernyakov talks about the work on the plane (behind the scenes). N.S. Chernyakov at work, on a walk, by the fire. Test navigator N. Alferov talks about "weaving" (behind the scenes). Design bureau P.O. Sukhoi. Airplane, "Buran" cockpit at the junkyard. Assembly of buses in the KB workshop. Testers V. Ilyushin and N. Alferov raise glasses of vodka for the "mention" of "hundreds". Chronicle footage of different years: P.O. Sukhoi, designers of the Sukhoi Design Bureau at work, assembly and testing of the aircraft engine, test flight of the "hundred", N.S. Chernyakov follows the flight from the airfield, pilot V. Ilyushin and navigator N. Alferov at aircraft, congratulate N.S. Chernyakov on the successful completion of the flight; a bomber in the air, a fighter sits on the deck of an aircraft carrier, takes off from an aircraft carrier, an aircraft carrier is at sea; fire, forest, grass is on fire, people are extinguishing grass, a haystack is burning, the sun is shining through the smoke; NS Khrushchev during one of the press conferences.
B. Smirnov
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, air force
, aviation industry
, natural disasters
, museums
, conversion
, navy
, fire protection
, economic policy
, automotive industry
, aviation
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K. Orozaliev
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