Upside Down or Fantômas in the County Town

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Honorary Cultural Workers become members of the jury at Fantomas, the teen break dance festival. At first, the head is spinning, but after the performance of a funny guy from the countryside, they themselves become infected with this street element. Part 1 Udmurtia, Glazov. The doctor and nurses stand near the woman in labor in the delivery room. Young people are throwing the ball down the track at the Kristall Bowling Center. Honored Worker of Culture of Udmurtia and Russia, head of the amateur orchestra "Valton" Stanislav Vasilyevich Kornilov and Honored Worker of Culture of Udmurtia, director of the folk theater of the cultural center "Russia" Lyubov Valentinovna Poponina go to the cultural center "Russia". General view of the building of the cultural center "Russia"; in front of the building there is a monument to V.I. Lenin sculptures working pedestals. Festival participants and spectators run into the building of the cultural center, followed by L.V. Poponin and S.V. Kornilov. Opening of the Fantomas break dance festival; the organizer of the festival introduces the members of the jury (sinhr.). The audience is applauding in the hall. Jury members S.V. Kornilov, L.V. Poponina get up in the hall. DJ O. Otochuk is standing near the mixing console. Break dance performances on stage. Among the spectators in the hall is a third-grader Zh.Popov. L.V. Poponina watches the performances of the groups. Udmurtia, Glazovsky district, village Gulyokovo. The furnishings of the room in the hut. Z.F. Nakovitsyna knits and sings the Udmurt song "When I was little ..." (sinhr.). Zhenya Popov, a third grader, is sitting by the window, looking at the street through a magnifying glass. A woman on a bicycle rides along the road past the village houses. A cow in a barn; the boy puts hay into the trough. The rooster runs along the fence. Schoolchildren of Gulyokovskaya secondary school in the corridor during recess, third-graders in the classroom at the lesson. Zh. Popov sits at a desk and looks out the window. The teacher reprimands him and a light blinks in the windows of the Gulyokovsky village club building. The boy runs into the club. On the door there is a notice with the inscription: "Tomorrow in the city" Fantomas ". Z.F. Nakovitsyna in the club is present at the rehearsal of the break-dance team "Gulyokovo". The boys warm up, sitting on the floor, then part. Zh. Popov stands on his head; Z.F. Nakovitsyna sings, sitting on a bench. Members of the "Gulyokovo" group leave the village by car in the city of Glazov for the "Fantomas" festival; among those seeing off Z.F. Nakovitsyn. Part 2 Director L.V. Poponina conducts a rehearsal with an actress of the folk theater of the cultural center "Russia" (sinhr.) Brass band "Walton" led by conductor S.V. Kornilov is walking down the street (sinhr.). S.V. Kornilov conducts during the rehearsal of the orchestra. Break dance performances on stage. S.V. Kornilov and L.V. Poponin in the hall watching the performance of the break dance team. The audience greets the dancers. LVPoponina and SVKornilov learn to roll balls in the Bowling Center "Crystal" (different plans). Break dance performances on stage (different plans). L.V. Poponin in the hall. Break dance performance by the Gulyokovo collective; among the soloists, the third grader Zh. Popov. L.V. Poponina writes in a notebook. Festival participants in the rehearsal room. The jury members discuss the performances. L.P. Poponina draws attention to the performance of the group from Gulyokovo (sinhr.). Awarding of the participants of the festival, presentation of gifts. L.P. Poponina presents gifts to the youngest participants, including Zh.Popov. Chandeliers in an empty auditorium. L.P. Poponina smokes in the dressing room. S.V. Kornilov smokes in the rehearsal room. L.P. Poponina on the stage pulls the curtain apart. S.V. Kornilov stands on his head in the rehearsal room. The young man rotates on his head during the performance. L.P. Poponina whistles. A drunken man walks along a village street. A man dances in the street (inverted). Zh. Popov stands on his head near the fence.
V. Tronin
Film ID
street trade
, school education
, rural settlements
, public leisure facilities
, club type institutions
, villages
, dancing
, artistic activities
, cities
, peoples life (udmurts)
Number of Parts
V. Akhnin, K. Durnov
Other Creators
sound engineer Y. Demkin, sound engineer N. Bogdanov, editor E. Petrova, musical design V. Sokol, noise design I. Tsaturov, computer graphics V. Saprynsky, editor O. Shaposhnikova, director F. Kudryashov, artistic director I. Grigoriev, producer N. Zheltukhina
Release Date
Has Sound

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