Ural Forges Victory

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Academician V. N. Obraztsov at the Sverdlovsk railway station monitors the loading of military cargo for the front. Academician V. A. Pavlov at work in the laboratory with assistants. People's Commissar for Tank Industry Zaltsman and People's Commissar for Ammunition D.F. Ustinov call the Ural factories via a direct wire from Moscow. Production of tanks at Uralmash. Sending tanks to the front. Production of artillery pieces at the plant. Molotov. General view of the plant. Sending guns to the front. A meeting of workers at a metallurgical plant in Sverdlovsk. Remelting scrap at the plant. General view of Sverdlovsk. Streets of the old part of the city. Writer P. Bazhov in his office at work. View of the house in which the family of Emperor Nicholas II was shot. Landscapes of the Northern Urals. View of the village where the Monai tribe lives. Men and women of the Monai tribe. Meeting at the N-skiy plant on the occasion of the presentation of the rolling Red Banner. Metallurgical plant in Zlatoust. Museum of Petrography, where the stones of the Urals are collected. Museum exhibits. Border post on the border between Europe and Asia. Types of the city of Nizhny Tagil. View of metallurgical plants in the city. Assembly of tanks at the plant. Comintern. Ready tanks leave the territory of the plant in Izhevsk. Assembling rifles and machine guns in the assembly shop of the Izhevsk machine gun plant. Testing rifles. Types of Chelyabinsk.
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the great patriotic war
, metallurgy
, defense industry
, rewarding
, everyday life
, literature
, museums
, settlements
, population
, communication
, cities
, railway transport
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