USSR - DPRK the Course of Friendship and Cooperation

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The party and government delegation of the DPRK headed by the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, President of the DPRK Kim Il Sung. Official welcoming ceremony at the Yaroslavsky railway station. Lunch at the Grand Kremlin Palace in honor of Kim Il Sung and members of the delegation. Acquaintance with the sights of the Moscow Kremlin, the laying of wreaths at the Lenin Mausoleum, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Meetings in the Kremlin of Kim Il Sung with K. U. Chernenko; N. A. Tikhonova with Kang Sen San; A. A. Gromyko with Kim Yong Nam. Soviet-Korean talks in the Kremlin. Participating in the negotiations: K. U. Chernenko, N. A. Tikhonov, A. A. Gromyko, M. S. Gorbachev, K. V. Rusakov, from the Korean side: Kim Il Sung, Oh Din Woo, Kang Sen San, Lee Den Ok, Kim Yong Nam and others. A visit by the delegation to the Moscow Plant of Automatic Lines named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR. Meeting of the Soviet-Korean friendship at the plant. Speakers: V.V. Grishin, Kang Sen San. The trip of members of the Korean party and government delegation to the city of Brest, Minsk. Visiting the memorial complex of the Brest Fortress, the Minsk Tractor Plant, the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the Byelorussian SSR.
I. Gutman
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electronic industry
, museums
, north korea
, political connections
, tractor construction
, machine tool industry
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K. Durnov, G. Epifanov, V. Izvekov, S. Kuzminsky, V. Usanov, I. Filatov
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Text by V. Pisaruk
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