USSR - Finland Good Neighborliness Trust Friendship

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Street of one of the cities in Finland. A river with a pier. Flags of the USSR and Finland. Visit of the head of the Soviet government N. A. Tikhonov to Finland. Meeting at the airport. President Mauno Koivisto is among the greeters. Build a guard of honor. Heads of delegations at the dinner table, at the negotiating table. Speakers are M. Koivisto, N. A. Tikhonov. Laying flowers by the Soviet delegation to the memorial plaque on the house where Lenin lived in the fall of 1917, visiting the house-museum of V. I. Lenin. Street of one of the cities in Finland. Advertising on buildings. The city of Kostomuksha. Kostomuksha mining and processing plant. The products of the plant. Joint Stock Company "Nokia". One of the ports in Finland. Shipyard of Valmet Joint Stock Company. The ceremony of assigning the name "Nizhneyansk" to one of the ships. NA Tikhonov cuts the ribbon. Signing contracts between Soviet foreign trade organizations and the Rauma-Repola firm. Meeting NA Tikhonov with the leaders of the Communist Party of Finland. Reception at the embassy of the USSR. Information in newspapers about the stay of NA Tikhonov in Finland. Seeing off at the airport.
M. Babak
Film ID
economic communications
, communist party
, river transport
, sea transport
, printing
, museums
, international relationships
, shipbuilding industry
Number of Parts
V. Lovkov, S. Cherkasov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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