USSR Is a Great Railroad Power

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1 part. Landscapes of the Soviet Union (removed from the movement of the train). Part 2. Views of Moscow, Moscow Kremlin, Red Square. The leaders of the Soviet state welcomed the best railroad workers of the country to the Kremlin (1935). Among them: I. V. Stalin, L. M. Kaganovich, V. M. Molotov, G. K. Ordzhonikidze, V. N. Samples. The driver PF Krivonos is the freight train. LM Kaganovich's speech at the meeting of workers of the depot station Sortirovochnaya Part 3. Camel caravan in the desert. Camels bring building material for the construction of Turksib. Construction work at Turksib. Construction work on the Akmolinsk-Kartaly railway. Opening of traffic on the Petrozavodsk-Suoyaryi railway. Part 4. Trains with coal on the way. Loading timber onto railway platforms. Duty stations receive the train, check its technical condition. Moscow metro: metro stations "Airport", "Sverdlov Square", "Revolution Square". Passengers on a subway train. The waiting room at the Leningradsky railway station in Moscow. A restaurant. Passengers on the Leningrad-Moscow train. Part 5. Women railroad workers performing various works. Students of the Institute of Railway Transport in the classroom in the laboratory. Design engineer Meisel at the Stalinets steam locomotive of his own design. Rest of railway workers on the Black Sea coast in rest houses. Athletes from the Lokomotiv sports society are walking along Red Square during the parade. Part 6. Holiday of railway workers in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after Gorky. Performance of the ensemble of railway workers at the holiday. Part 7. Solemn meeting of railway workers in the Green Theater of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after Gorky. Speech by L. M. Kaganovich.
Yu. Murin
Film ID
urban transport
, holidays
, higher education
, public catering
, spa assistance
, educational activities
, invention
, cartage
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
S. Semenov, K. Kutub-Zade
Other Creators
I. Gunger, A. Kamionsky, A. Gran
Release Date
Has Sound

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