USSR on Screen Number 17 English Version

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1 plot. Iranian Highlands. Trucks with Soviet troops are passing through the mountains. View of the city of Tehran. Meeting of the population of Tehran, Soviet troops. The building of the German embassy. Counterfeit money found at the German embassy. 2 plot. Cotton picking, bagging. Cotton wagon train. 3 plot. Sugar beet in Kazakhstan (operator G. Novozhilov). Alma-Ata Region, Taldy-Kurgan District, September 2-6, 1941 Collective farm workers from the Krupskaya collective farm harvest sugar beets in the field. A collective farmer on horseback rides across the field. The best stakhanovka kolkhoz members of the Komsomol, who have exceeded the task, Evdokia Ivanovna Ionina and Maria Grigorievna Zavyalova dig up beets. Two young collective farmers cut the tops of beets in the field. The woman cuts the beet tops, peels the root crop. Bulls harnessed to carts are carrying beets from the field, in the foreground - collective farmers are cutting off the tops of root crops. Carts with beets drive into the courtyard of the Taldy-Kurgan sugar plant, in the background - the plant's buildings. Unloading beets from a supply in the yard of the plant. Two men are dumping beets from a cart into a pile of beets. Root crops are poured into a bucket. Workers at the apparatus for grinding sugar beets. The processed beets are poured into a vat, the worker mixes the raw materials with a scoop. Granulated sugar is poured. 4 plot. The artist Moore works in the studio. Posters by the artist Moore.
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Film ID
military communications
, the second world war
, plant growing
, economic sabotage
, food industry
, the ussr
, diplomatic relations
, germany
, ground troops
, painting
Number of Parts
G. Novozhilov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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