USSR - USA the Novel of the Century

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The film tells about the development of Soviet-American relations over the 70 years of the existence of the USSR. The film includes the following footage of the chronicle: a chronicle of the First World War, views of New York, the revolutionary events of 1917 in Petrograd, the US intervention in the Far East and Arkhangelsk in 1918, the people's life of Americans in the 20s of the 20th century, "dry law" , homeless in Russia, assistance to the starving in Russia, diplomatic relations between the USA and the USSR in the 20s and 30s, economic ties between the USSR and the USA, the Great Depression in the USA, the socio-political movement in the USA in the 30s, general view of one of the metallurgical enterprises in the USSR, the life and life of the peasants of Russia in the 30s, the construction of enterprises and other objects of the socialist industry of the 30s in the USSR. The life and life of the American people in the 30s. Production processes at the enterprises of the USSR and the USA in the 30s. US presidential election in 1932. Festive parades on Red Square. Establishment of a fascist regime in Germany. Chronicle footage of the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War. The work of defense enterprises of the USSR and the United States during the war. Conference of the heads of government of the USA, USSR and Great Britain in Potsdam in 1945. The explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Receiving N. Khrushchev of American delegations, speech at the UN. Cultural ties between the USSR and the USA; tours of Soviet and American artists, trips of the leaders of the USSR to the United States on official visits. The trial of the American intelligence agent Powers. Election of the US President D. Kennedy. Blockade of Cuba. Stay A. Mikoyan in Cuba. Stay of President R. Nixon in Moscow. US war in Vietnam. Meeting of M. Gorbachev and R. Reagan in Moscow. Stay of George W. Bush (Art.) In Moscow.
L. Makhnach
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world war i
, economic communications
, industry
, the second world war
, wars and conflicts2nd half20th
, cultural connections
, social and political movement
, homelessness
, political connections
, revolutionary movement in russia
, international organizations
, diplomatic relations
, cities
, peoples life
, electoral system
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V. Lovkov
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