Uzbekistan Report of the Anniversary Year

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Leonid Brezhnev's arrival in Uzbekistan; rewarding the Republic of Uzbekistan with the Order of Friendship of Peoples in connection with its 50th anniversary. Smelting, rolling of steel in the shops of a metallurgical plant; assembly of aircraft in the workshop of an aircraft plant. Spinning and weaving shops of the Bukhara cotton mill. Production processes at an oil refinery. Assembly shop of the Tashselmash plant. Extraction, transportation of copper ore from the Almalyk quarry. Cleaning cotton with cotton harvesters in the fields of Uzbekistan. State Prize Laureate S. Marakhmedov with scientists in a cotton field. Spraying cotton from a pest of cotton fields - wilt. Geologists on an expedition; oil rig transportation. Construction of the gas pipeline Central Asia - Center. Extraction of gold-bearing ore in the Muruntau open-pit near the town of Zaravshan. Construction of the Takhiatash hydroelectric complex, railway, irrigation facilities, canals. Fruit picking in the gardens of the Fergana Valley. Classes of schoolchildren in classrooms, students in the classrooms of institutes. The cities of Tashkent, Navoi, Bukhara, Zaravshan; streets, squares, monuments. Exhibits of the Tashkent Art Museum. The third festival of filmmakers from Asia, Africa and Latin America in Tashkent; hall, presidium of the festival. Guests of the festival on the streets of Tashkent. Uzbek scientists in a chemical laboratory, at a nuclear reactor. Academician S. Yunusov in the laboratory. Employees of the statistical office at work.
N. Ataullaeva, I. Gibalevich
Film ID
, cultural connections
, higher education
, statistics
, mechanical engineering
, energy
, metallurgy
, textile industry
, state holidays
, school education
, pipeline transport
, chemistry
, agriculture
, utilities
, extractive industry
, cinematography
, physics
, refining industry
, aviation industry
Number of Parts
N. Azimov, T. Babadjanov
Other Creators
Script by N. Ataullaev, N. Azimov, text by Y. Khalaminsky, sound by N. Shadiev
Release Date
Has Sound

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