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1st plot. Celebration of the first anniversary of the October Revolution in Petrograd in 1918 (festive events lasted 3 days). Production of the Petrograd Committee. Operators: V. Lemke, E. Mikhelevich. L. Verigo-Dorovsky. L. Drankov. Leader K. Grigor. Columns of demonstrators with banners and slogans are moving along the streets of Petrograd. Inscriptions on the banners: “Workers of all countries, unite. Long live the world socialist revolution. Long live the Third International ”,“ Professional Union of Workers' Hairdressers. Long live the Third International. Freedom to the Professional Movement ”. A column of the Petrograd Union of watchmakers-workers joins the ranks of the demonstrators. A column of house employees of Petrograd is moving with the slogan "Long live labor discipline." The demonstrators carry the slogan “Let's build a new life. Curse to those who interfere with us. ”A column of demonstrators is moving along the embankment, past the Trinity Bridge. People stand on the embankment, look at the passing people. Among the participants in the demonstration - a column of the Petrograd Union of Metalworkers, which is moving to the unveiling of a monument to a metalworker at the Palace of Labor (2nd day of festive events). The cavalrymen are riding on horseback during the parade of the Red Army at the Tauride Palace. A chariot with a figure of a woman representing the world and a banner with the words "Peace to the whole world" is passing by. A column of demonstrators with a banner "Raise the banner of the young ..." is moving behind the chariot. A team of horses carries a carriage with a portrait of Karl Marx decorated with flowers and the slogan “Workers of all countries unite” is installed. Soldiers are passing by during a parade of Red Army units at the Tavrichesky Palace. Demonstration of children on Uritsky Square (3rd day of celebrations in Petrograd in 1918). Children carry flags in their hands. A column of students is passing by. The column of firefighters is passing through [Znamenskaya Square]. Demonstrators carry a banner with the words “We need a People's Fire Commissariat” (1st day of festive events). 2nd plot. 1st World War 1914-1915 [Poland]. Ambulances are passing through the city square [Warsaw], trucks covered with tarpaulins are parked. Cars with servicemen and a truck with a tarpaulin body are going by, people are standing. 3rd plot. Foreign chronicle. 1917 British and American sailors on the deck of a transport ship. 4th plot. A man is driving a car. 5th plot. Extinguishing a fire (Moscow, 1914-1916) Panorama of a burning building extinguished by firefighters. Firefighters throw sheets of a burnt roof off the roof of a building. Peterhof, 1914-1916 Fountain "Samson" against the background of the Grand Palace in Peterhof. 7th plot. A woman in a hat is feeding a horse from her hands (in the background there is a bridge over the railway). 8th plot. There is a crowd of people: men, women, children; in the middle of the crowd, a woman says something emotionally. 9th plot. The funeral of PA Kropotkin (Moscow, February 1921). Operators G. Giber and A. Lemberg. The funeral procession is accompanied by the coffin with the body of P.A. Kropotkin, installed on a hearse.
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great october revolution
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