Vasya Korobko

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Film-reminiscence about the young partisan pioneer-hero Vasya Korobko. Part I Former commander of the Chernigov-Volyn partisan formation of the NKVD of the USSR twice Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Fedorovich Fedorov, former commander of a sabotage group in the Chernigov-Volyn partisan formation Hero of the Soviet Union Vsevolod Ivanovich Klokov and Ukrainian photojournalist Boris Yakovlevich Davidzon, who worked in partisan formations since 1942 sitting at the table, looking at photographs of the wartime, remembering the young pioneer partisan Vasya Korobko. The village of Pogoreltsy in the Chernihiv region, where he was born and lived, went to high school, and at the beginning of the war Vasya Korobko went to the partisans. Now there is a bust of a pioneer hero. His mother remembers his meetings with her son in 1942 (sync. And behind the scenes in Ukrainian). A classmate [Chernutsky] talks (sync.) About how they studied in 8 "B" grade. The platoon commander of the sabotage group of the partisan formation under the command of A.F. Fedorov, Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Sergeevich Artozeev (V. Korobko fought under his leadership), fellow villagers, sisters Lydia, Lipa, Anna and Maria [Zakharievsky] talk (sinhr.) About the life and service of adolescents in the partisan detachment, including Vasya. Newsreel footage, 1943, Ukraine: sabotage detachment G.S. Artozeev as part of the partisan unit A.F. Fedorova goes on a mission in deep snow with explosives, among them a young partisan Vasya Korobko. Commander G.S. Artozeev and pioneer V. Korobko fix explosives on wooden poles, explosion. Formation of partisans with the state flag of the USSR (men, women and children), including the commander of the partisan unit [A.F. Fedorov]. Soldiers mine the railway track, explode and burn wagons. The partisans swear (sinhr.) To destroy the fascist invaders; receive awards; rub themselves with snow; dance to the accordion, including G.S. Artozeev with nurse Valya. Part II The fellow villager Vasya Korobko sisters [Zakharievsky] continue to tell (sinhr.) About his first love. Twice Hero of the Soviet Union A.F. Fedorov speaks (sinhr. And behind the scenes) about such a mass phenomenon during the war as children's heroism in the partisan movement, recalls, together with Vasya Korobko, Volodya Kaznacheev, Vanya Vasyuk, Kolya Lyubichev and many others. A soldier of the First Ukrainian Partisan Division named after V.I. twice Hero of the Soviet Union S.P. Kovpaka (commander P.P. Vershigor) Vasily Ivanovich Shelmenko. Vasya and other soldiers were killed in the Belarusian forest by a burst from a German machine gun, it was not aimed fire. B / W newsreels: - [1942-1944, USSR]: soldiers pass weapons from hand to hand; a partisan detachment is marching through a burnt village; the crossing of fighters with horses across the stream; combat actions of partisans-children, they shoot, along with adults run to the attack, bandage a wounded soldier. 1943, Ukraine: a young partisan Vasya Korobko ties explosives to a wooden post.
V. Shestopalova
Film ID
dedicated to the events
, rewarding partisans
, detinafronte
, meet the veterans
, monuments to heroes and participants of the world war ii
, guerrilla movement
, monuments
, partisan
, young partisans
, guerrilla units
Number of Parts
N. Stepanenko
Other Creators
scriptwriter V. Kuznetsov, sound engineer V. Antonenko, editor S. Vasilevskaya, announcer V. Makarov, film directors N. Ermolenko,
Release Date
Has Sound

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