Victory Day Half a Century Later

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The film tells about the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Victory and includes many events, official and unofficial, taking place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Brest, Volgograd, Murmansk, a distant Siberian village. Moscow. Eternal flame. Boris N. Yeltsin and members of the government at the wreath. G. Kohl, B. Clinton lay flowers. Rally at Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. Luzhkov speaks (off-screen). Opening of the monument to G.K.Shupov. Laying flowers. Veterans are coming. Orchestra. Soldiers greet the parade commander. P. Grachev is speaking (synchronously and behind the scenes). Parade. Soldiers are passing by with banners of the fronts, banners. Tanks are coming, planes and helicopters are flying. Interview of the Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot V. F. Golubev (synchronously). The walls of the Brest Fortress. Remembers the political officer of the 9th outpost S. T. Bobrenok (synchronously). Photos of the defenders of the fortress. Interview with front-line cameraman A. Semin (synchronously and behind the scenes). Germany. Brandenburg Gate. Reichstag. Victory Banner over the Reichstag (footage of the chronicle). President of the International Association of Military Cameramen Joe Longo gives interviews (synchronously). Fighting during the Second World War. The surrender of Germany. Writer V. Astafyev discusses the significance of Victory (synchronously and behind the scenes). V. Astafiev's family at the house in the village of Ovsyanka. Meeting. Demonstration. Speakers, G.A. Zyuganov (synchronously), V. Ampilov (synchronously). Church. Bells are ringing. Procession. The patriarch leads the service. Parishioners. Pioneers are giving flowers to veterans. Veterans are taking pictures, dancing. Walking on Tverskaya Street. Golubitsky reads poetry (synchronously), recalls how he volunteered for the front (synchronously). North Sea. officers on the ship. Submarine. Chronicle: transports with cargo for the army and the population from America and England. St. Petersburg embankment. Military parade. Veterans are coming. Piskarevskoe cemetery. Chronicle: prisoners, children behind barbed wire. Remembers the prisoner of Mounthausen V. G. Kalinichenko (synchronously). Opening of the Church of Peter and Paul in Prokhorovka. N. Ryzhkov gives the patriarch a symbolic key. Remembers surgeon Shkudralova (synchronously).
B. Sarakhatunov, V. Troshkin
Film ID
the second world war
, orthodox church
, literature
, state holidays
, armed forces
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V. Izvekov, S. Kuzminsky
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There is no data
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