Victory May

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A film about the May Day parade in Leningrad. 1 part. Leningrad. The Red Navy Sentinel stands at the flagpole on which the Navy flag is hoisted. The masts of warships, decorated with flags in honor of the holiday. Warships on the Neva. A column of tanks drives along the embankment. View of the Peter and Paul Fortress (filmed from the opposite side of the Neva). A truck with the military drives to the place of the parade. The servicemen are running along the embankment. View of a residential building decorated in honor of the holiday with flags and portraits of state leaders. Girls with flowers run down the street. There is a column of girls in white sweaters and berets. There is a column of workers of the Kirov plant. Demonstrators walk along the square past the monument to S.M. Kirov. There is a column of workers of the Bolshevik plant. Columns of demonstrators are walking along Nevsky Prospekt. One of the demonstrators is walking in a column, playing the accordion. Girls in Ukrainian costumes dance in a column of demonstrators. A column of girls from the army is marching. The girls walk in a column, singing. Columns of demonstrators pass by the Lenin monument at the Finland Station. There is a column of workers of the Svetlana plant. In front of the column are musicians of a brass band. Demonstrators carry a portrait of Stalin. There is a column of demonstrators from the plant. Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Demonstrators carry a portrait of Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Naval vessels on the Neva. The ship is sailing with the crew on the upper deck. General view of the destroyer "Swift" on the Neva.PNR along the Palace Square before the start of the parade (shot from the top point). A column of tanks in the square. The crew commanders stand by their vehicles. Tankmen - Heroes of the Soviet Union are at the tank, in the ranks. The Red Navy men are in the ranks. Artillery ranks are on the square before the start of the parade. Fanfarists are playing. Secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU (b) A.A. Zhdanov rises to the podium. A.A. Zhdanov with a group of city and regional leaders goes to the microphone. Troops in the square (filmed from the top point). Commander of the troops K.A. Meretskov on horseback takes the parade. ("Hurray!" is heard over the square). K.A. Meretskov on horseback, accompanied by commanders, go around the troops on the square. Artillery cadets shout "Hurray!" Columns of troops on the Palace Square. The Red Navy men are in a column. Artillery pieces fire a salvo at the start of the parade. A salvo of a ship's gun. Party leaders and city leaders from the rostrum are watching the parade of troops; among them A. Zhdanov and others. Columns of Red Navy men marching across the square (filmed from the top point); those present at the government podium, applauding. The leaders of the city and region, present at the government platform, applaud the participants in the parade. A column of men in white sweaters and caps is marching across the square. The audience on the podium welcomes the participants in the parade. Part 2. Parts of the Samara-Ulyanovsk Iron Rifle Division enter the area. Cars with fanfarers drive along Uritsky Square (Palace Square). A column of trucks with soldiers of the 24th division drives through the square. The commander of the 24th division Kuzma Nikitovich Galitsky and another of the commanders are standing, watching the parade. A truck full of Red Army soldiers in full gear rides across the square during the parade. A column of armored vehicles drives through the square. Pilots ride in trucks across the square during the parade. Searchlight and sound detecting installations pass through the square. The leaders of the party organization of Leningrad and the region welcomed the participants in the parade; among those present at the podium: A.A. Zhdanov, the commander of the Leningrad military district K.A. Meretskov, the commander of the Baltic Fleet V.F. Tributs and others. The movement of artillery units at the military parade on Uritsky Square (Palace Square). Trucks carry 76 mm guns across the area. Tractors are being driven across the area with large-caliber guns. Tractors are carrying 122-mm howitzer cannons across the area. Named 3-turret tank "I. Stalin" drives through the square during a military parade. A column of light tanks T-26 drives through the square. Tank crew commanders salute from the hatches of passing tanks. Airplanes are flying in the sky. The leaders of Leningrad and the region stand on the podium during the parade; among them: Commander of the Baltic Fleet V.F. Tributs, Commander of the Leningrad Military District K.A. Meretskov, A.A. Zhdanov, Secretary of the Leningrad City Committee of the CPSU (b) A.A. Kuznetsov, 2nd Secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU (b ) [T.F.Shtykov], chairman of the Leningrad Oblast Executive Committee P.S.Popkov The ship's cannon, standing on the Neva, fires a salvo. An artillery gun on the Neva embankment fires a volley. Columns of demonstrators are on the Uritsky Square (Palace Square). A platform with a sculpture of I. Stalin, decorated with flags, passes through the square. A column with a portrait of A. Zhdanov enters the square. Column of the Leningrad plant-VTUZ im. Stalin is walking across the square. The column of Krasnogvardeisky district "Krasnoznamenets" is walking across the square; in front of the column are musicians of a brass band. A couple in national costumes are dancing, followed by other couples in a column of demonstrators, an accordion player is playing. Demonstrators are in a column, dressed in national costumes of the republics of the USSR. A festive platform, with a huge poster dedicated to the achievements of the national economy of the USSR, moves in front of one of the columns. Demonstrators carry a poster with the NDP "WE HAVE WHO TO PROTECT". In the column of a demonstrator are girls-students of schools in Leningrad. Demonstrators carry a banner with the NDP "YES THE WINNING WORKING CLASS". Festive columns of demonstrators on the Neva embankment; ships are on the Neva. Columns of people on the embankment of the Neva. Columns of demonstrators on Nevsky Prospekt.
V. Belyaev, N. Komarevtsev
Film ID
state holidays
, navy
, cities
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
muzoformitel D. Astradantsev, sound engineer R. Соловьев
Release Date
Has Sound

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