Victory Parade

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1h - Red Square with troops lined up for the parade, among them the consolidated regiments of the Polish Army, the Moscow garrison, the 4th Ukrainian Front led by General of the Army A.I. Eremenko, the 1st Belorussian Front led by Colonel General Chuikov, 2- 1st Belorussian Front, headed by Colonel-General P.I.Batov, 2nd Ukrainian Front, headed by Marshal of the Soviet Union R.Ya. Malinovsky, 3rd Ukrainian Front, headed by Marshal of the Soviet Union F.I.Tolbukhin, 4- the 1st of the Ukrainian Front, headed by General of the Army A. I. Eremenko; present are Marshals of the Soviet Union I. Konev, K. Meretskov, Air Marshal A. E. Golovanov, Army General I. Kh. Bagramyan. 2h - Mechanized units on pl. Sverdlov, pl. Revolution, Manezhnaya Square, st. Gorky. Marshals of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Soviet Union on Red Square before the parade. A combined regiment of the Navy, a regiment of miners with dogs are standing in anticipation of the parade. 3h - The leaders of the party and government pass through the territory of the Kremlin, rise to the podium of the Mausoleum; among them: I. V. Stalin, M. I. Kalinin, K. E. Voroshilov, A. I. Mikoyan, V. M. Molotov, L. M. Kaganovich, G. M. Malenkov, marshals and generals of the Soviet army ... 4h - Among the marshals on the podium of the Mausoleum: K. K. Rokossovsky, G. K. Zhukov, I. S. Konev, K. A. Meretskov, S. K. Timoshenko, A. Vasilevsky. 5h - Party and government leaders, marshals of the Soviet Union and generals on the podium of the Mausoleum. 6h - Representatives of foreign missions and embassies, other guests are approaching the guest bleachers. Fountain "Victory" on Red Square. 7h - Marshal of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov rides on horseback to Red Square. Fanfarers play the start of the parade. Zhukov drives out of the Spassky Gate. KK Rokossovsky - the commander of the parade, on horseback and GK Zhukov tour the troops. 8h - Solemn march of troops across Red Square. Goes to the consolidated floor of the drummers. March of the consolidated regiment of the Karelian Front, led by Marshal K.A.Meretskov. 9h - Military equipment passes through Red Square. Soldiers throw fascist standards to the Mausoleum. 10h - Military equipment passes. 11h - Consolidated regiments of the Leningrad, 1st Baltic, 3rd Belorussian, 2nd Belorussian, 1st Belorussian, 1st Ukrainian fronts are passing by. 12h - Troops of the 4th Ukrainian Front, combined regiment of the Navy, 1st Belorussian, sapper regiment are marching along Red Square. Students of the Military Academy named after V.I. Frunze, pupils of the Suvorov schools, is the cavalry. 13h - Columns of troops and demonstrators from every district of Moscow pass through the city streets. 14h - GK Zhukov talks with representatives of military missions. Present Heroes of the Soviet Union AI Pokryshkin, D. Glinka.
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, cities
, demonstrations
, state figures
, armed forces
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