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The plots are devoted to the military actions of France in Vietnam and the liberation of Vietnam in 1954. President of the DRV Ho Chi Minh in his residence in the jungle; during meetings with peasants; soldiers of the People's Army of Vietnam. Negotiations in the neutral zone on a truce between representatives of the command of the People's Army of Vietnam and the French Expeditionary Force in Indochina. POW camp for French soldiers. Exchange of wounded prisoners of war in the area of Viet-three. At the exchange office there are French and Vietnamese representatives. French prisoners set sail from Vietnam. A French warship brings South Vietnamese residents to North Democratic Vietnam permanently. French troops leave Hanoi (summer 1954). Troops of the People's Army of Vietnam enter Hanoi (October 10, 1954). Festively decorated by the city of Hanoi; parade of troops, a demonstration of workers in honor of the liberation of Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh makes a speech from the podium. Demonstration of workers and a rally of many thousands in Nam Dinh, dedicated to the end of the war. Ho Chi Minh and others lay wreaths at the monuments and graves of the fallen soldiers of the Vietnamese People's Army. People's trial over the former landowners, traitors to Vietnam. Presidium of the court; the peasants are making accusations. Land reform in Vietnam. Division of land between the peasants. The peasants are cultivating the rice field. The Vietnamese are working to rebuild the city of Hanoi, industrial enterprises, railways, hospitals, scientific institutions. Miners work in open pit coal mines. Construction of the Bai-Tyong dam. "House of Creativity" of the Vietnamese intelligentsia in the jungle. Working writers: Nguyen Tuan, Phan-Hoi, Wu-Nchok-Phan: workshop of artists in the jungle. Exhibition of works by Vietnamese artists in Hanoi. Architectural and historical monuments of Hanoi. President of the DRV Ho Chi Minh talks with Soviet cameramen R. Carmen, E. Mukhin, A. Yeshurin. Moscow city. Meeting at the Vnukovo airport of the Vietnamese delegation. The delegates visiting the Kremlin, a poultry farm, vineyards.
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national liberation movements
, cinematography
, industry
, literature
, agriculture
, wars of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, painting
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Р. Carmen, A. Eshurin, E. Mukhin,
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