Vietnam My Country

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Agricultural work in the fields: plowing the land on buffalo, sowing, harvesting rice. Soviet-made tractors in the fields of the Vietnamese state farm. Soldiers clear mines in the Dien Bien area, detonate shells. Railway construction; canals, reservoirs, dams. A printing house built with the help of specialists from the GDR. Production processes in the shops of a mechanical plant with equipment from the USSR. Weaver Nguyen Thi Kon at work in the workshop of a textile mill in the city of Nam Din. Hanoi city: urban transport, citizens ride bicycles, streets. City bazaar: sale of vegetables, fruits, fish, handicrafts. Family members of the artist Pham Don at work (drawing, modeling, posing). Teacher Nguyen Lan works with the students in the classroom, with the villagers to eradicate illiteracy. Professor Tung is giving a lecture to medical students, performing an operation. Experimental Cotton Field of the Hanoi Agricultural Institute; says Hong Zat (synchronously). Teaching Vietnamese students at Peking University, Moscow State University. Animals in the Vietnamese jungle: panther, monkey, tiger, fallow deer, bear. The elephants are dragging the felled trees. Hunters catch a panther, a snake, and return to the village with their prey. Speech by the President of the DRV Ho Chi Minh at a session of the National Assembly (synchronously). Celebration of the New Year according to the lunar calendar (holiday "Tet"): dancing, festivities, buffalo fighting. Ben Hai River is the border between North and South Vietnam. On the bridge over the river, on the bank, along the streets of Saigon, American soldiers are walking. Meetings of relatives of North and South Vietnam on ships on the high seas. Meeting of the Vietnamese who returned to the DRV from Thailand. Arriving descend from the ship to the shore. Among the greeters Ho Chi Minh.
M. Juan, M. Kayumov, E. Zalkind
Film ID
scientific connections
, holidays
, relaxation
, higher education
, agricultural sciences
, timber industry
, vietnamnorth
, population
, mechanical engineering
, china
, reclamation
, hunting
, plant growing
, special troops
, painting
, private trade
, immigration
, textile industry
, animal world
, state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, medicine
, vietnamsouth
, sea transport
, higher state bodies
, usa
, armed forces
, economic communications
, printing
, germanyeastern
, handicraft industry
, war in vietnam
, railway transport
, sculpture
Number of Parts
To Kyong, Nguyen Hong Shen, Van Zha, Tran Kui Luk, A. Tursunov, M. Penson
Other Creators
Sound Vu Quang, Toan, N. Shadiev, Ngo Suang Phuong, script Thep Moi, I. Gorelik, M. Kayumov
Release Date
Has Sound

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