Vietnamese Parliamentary Delegation to the USSR

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Moscow city. Kremlin. Reception in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Chairman of the Council of the Union P. P. Lobanov and Chairman of the Union of Nationalities V. Latsis delegation of parliamentarians of Vietnam, headed by Ton Duc Than. The members of the delegation visited the Kremlin cathedrals, the museum-apartment of V. I. Lenin in the Kremlin; visited the mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin, the metro, the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, Moscow State University, a circus. The delegation visited the city of Stalingrad, Frunze, Yerevan, Odessa, Leningrad. Members of the delegation at industrial enterprises, collective farms, schools, kindergartens; get acquainted with the historical monuments of cities. Director of the breeding state farm "Alamedin" F.A. Strelnikova talks with members of the delegation at the farm. The Vietnamese delegation at receptions in the Supreme Soviets of the Armenian, Kyrgyz Republics, the Filatov Research Institute of Eye Diseases in Odessa, at the Palace of Pioneers in Leningrad, at the Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater on the Cholpon ballet. Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kirghiz SSR Narozhny takes members of the delegation. Return of the delegation to Moscow. Receiving the delegation in the Kremlin at K. E. Voroshilov. Departure of the delegation to the homeland.
K. Eggers
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school education
, collective farms
, architecture
, higher education
, preschool education
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, air transport
, art
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A. Istomin, E. Fedyaev
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