Villainy Rule

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Africa. Production processes of oil extraction (Sahara Desert), iron ore. Production processes on coffee, banana, rubber plantations. Harvesting fruits, sugar cane. Loading goods onto ships in one of the seaports; loading of leopards. Extraction of water. Residents of different African countries, of different sex, age at work, at home. African blacks of colonial countries at work. A priest among the population of one of the villages; at home with family. Medical examination of the population of one of the countries. Bank of West Africa and Credit Lyon buildings. Businessmen enter buildings. Ghana. Public Holiday. Demonstration. The people welcomed K. Nkrumu. Accra city. City views. City Theme. The mayor of the city talks with Soviet architects. Construction of a railway, residential buildings, an airfield. New seaport. Unloading of Soviet ships in the port. Fishing boats at sea. Organizer of the women's movement of the Republic of Ghana A. Kuzhno with children in kindergarten. Somalia. Young scientists at work. The building of the national library. Mali. Depository of ancient books and manuscripts. Scientist at work. Rhodesia North. Dictator Roy Vilensky. The police are arresting the Negro population. Republic of South Africa (South Africa). City of Sharpeville. Urban transport, pedestrian traffic. A meeting of protest against the policy of racism. The speaker is speaking. Police punitive measures against the Negro population. Concentration camp. Negro prisoners, including children. Congo. June-September 1960. P. Lumumba with his associates Savubu and Baudouin; greets troops and people; speaks at a rally in the UN Security Council. The landing of the Belgian airborne troops at the Mopoldville airfield. Punitive actions of Mobutu soldiers in relation to P. Lumumba, his associates, the population of the Congo. UN troops in the Congo. M. Tshombe takes a military parade, gives D. Ya. Hammerskjold the skin of a leopard. Algeria. National Liberation War 1954-62. Combat action. Soldiers of the National Liberation Front. USA. New York City. UN building. Security Council building. D. Ya. Hammerskjold speaking. Exchange. Operating room. Brokers at work.
А. Medvedkin
Film ID
standard of living
, revolutionary national liberation movement
, racism
, police
, plant growing
, demonstration of the protest
, health care
, state holidays
, export
, rural settlements
, sea transport
, foreign policy
, finance
, international organizations
, wars and conflicts of the second half of the 20th century
, extractive industry
, economic communications
, situation of various populations
, political connections
, national policy
, archives
, railway transport
, air transport
, home life
Number of Parts
N. Generalov, A. Kochetkov, V. Khodyakov
Other Creators
Music V. Geviksman, announcer A. Zadachin, combined photography I. Nizhnik
Release Date
Has Sound

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